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Salix alba...Thesaurus 
dim: 0.00/244000.00 mm 
Bat willow
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Bela vrba Saule blanc Salix vitellina alba coerulea Skupina bele vrbe Willow bat White Žukvina Bekovina Bekva Bekvica Bijela Varba Žukva Zlatolika Bekovica Weisse Weide Silberweide Kopfweide Trauer silber Weiß Kopf Salice comune bianco Salcio da pertiche Caporniolo Osier S. commun argente biela bílá Vitpil bělice Wierzba biała Wilg schiet Fehér fűz Pastizales Sauce blanco
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Map of temp. hardines (min.:-45.50oC)
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Slovenia Oplotnica   kvadrant9658/2 22.05.2011 miran    
Slovenia Pliskovica   kvadrant10248/2 10.06.2007 miran    
Slovenia Gančani   kvadrant 9363/4 03.06.2004 miran    
Slovenia Lipovci   kvadrant 9363/3 15.04.2005 miran    
Slovenia Melinci   kvadrant 9463/1 02.08.2004 miran    
Slovenia Srednja bistrica   kvadrant 9463/2 18.04.2005 miran    
Slovenia bloška planota   0153/3 15.07.2008 miran    
Slovenia bloška planota   0253/1 15.07.2008 miran    
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Latin Lymantria dispar null    
Latin Pseudaulacaspis pentagona null    
Latin Actebia fennica
Latin Cavariella aegopodii
Latin Hyalophora cecropia
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