Image: Common dandelion,Taraxacum almaatense

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Photo:©2019 Kurt Stueber
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Taraxacum officinale...Thesaurus 
dim: 40.00/400.00 mm 
Wet a bed
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Common dandelion,Taraxacum almaatense
 J  F  M  O  N  D 
Map of temp. hardines (min.:-39.90oC)
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Slovenia Bratonci   kvadrant 9363/3 09.07.2004 miran    
Slovenia Oplotnica   kvadrant9658/2 23.04.2011 miran    
Slovenia Pliskovica   kvadrant10248/2 17.06.2007 miran    
Slovenia Dokležovje   kvadrant 9463/1 08.08.2003 miran    
Slovenia Gančani   kvadrant 9363/4 03.06.2004 miran    
Slovenia košuta,Veliki vrh (košuta)   kvadrant9551 26.06.2010 miran    
Slovenia Črenšovci   kvadrant 9463/2 13.04.2003 miran    
List of hosts on which lives this species
Latin Medicago sativa null    
Latin Trifolium pratense null    
Latin Trifolium repens null    
Latin Daucus montanus null    
Latin Brassica napus subsp. napus null    
List of visitors on species on image
Latin Aphis (aphis) fabae null    
Latin Ditylenchus dipsaci null    
Latin Bremia lactucae null    
Latin Otiorhynchus ligustici
Latin Euxoa auxiliaris
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800 sl 22.05.2013   22:21:40   miran       
Taraxacum officinale F.H. Wigg --> Taraxacum campylodes G. E. Haglund  (PESI db)
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