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Photo:©2019 Cvenkel Miran
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Gingko biloba...Thesaurus 
dim: 15.00/12000.00 mm 
Arbre aux quarante ecus
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Ginkgo biloba Arbre aux quarante ecus aurea fastigiata laciniata variegata macrophylla Pterophyllus salisburiensis Salisburia adiantifolia pendula epiphylla parvifolia microsperma Ginko latifolia triloba longifolia Gingko aureovariegata Dvokrpi ginkovec Maidenhair tree Kew Hair maiden Maidenhair/gingko Common Maidenhairtree zweilappiger Elefantenohrbaum Fächerblattbaum Goethebaum Ginkgobaum Ginkebaum Ginco bilobe pagodes comun Jinan dvoulaločný dvojlaloký dvojlaločné Vanlig Miłorząb japoński dwuklapowy Noteboom japanse
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Map of temp. hardines (min.:-34.30oC)
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Latin Lymantria dispar null    
Latin Euzophera semifuneralis
Latin Agrotis ipsilon null    
Latin Hyalophora cecropia
Latin Ascotis selenaria null    
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