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Photo:©2018 Christian Fischer
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Avena fatua...Thesaurus 
dim: 0.00/1400.00 mm 
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Avena fatua glabrata gravis hyugaensis intermedia leiocarpa levis longiflora longispiculata elongata altissima glabrescens subcontracta brevipilosa cultiformis meridionalis septentrionalis acidophila alta mollis nipponica nigra occidentalis patens sativa sericea sterilis grandis ludoviciana lanuginosa pilosa pilosiformis pilosissima pseudoculta vilis hybrida japonica deserticola alcaliphila ambigua Anelytrum avenaceum samosévec glušec divják Divji oves Gluhi Wild oat Common Spring Ovsik Štura zob Divlja Ovsika Ovas divljak osav Glošinj divlji Njivski Wind hafer flug taubh. selvatica matta Avoine folle Avron Ovos hluchý Flyg havre Balanco aveao Aveia brava wilde Haver Oot guacha loca negra silvestre comun Avenilla Karasumugi Chahiki Cogula Ballueca
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Latin Ditylenchus dipsaci null    
Latin Oscinella frit null    
Latin Blumeria graminis null    
Latin Bipolaris sorokiniana null    
Latin Puccinia coronata null    
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