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Photo:©2018 Cvenkel Miran
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Syringa vulgaris...Thesaurus 
dim: 10.00/100.00 mm 
Lilac common
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Syringa vulgaris caerulea carlsruhensis cordifolia alba caerulescens purpurascens bicolor amoena albiflora Liliacum vulgare album Lilac violacea purpurea latifolia marliensis transsilvanica rubra pulchella macrantha lilacina albipleniflora virginalis versaliensis rhodopea philemon notgeri nigricans suaveolens cordatifolia Gewöhnlicher flieder Španski bezeg Majnica Lipovka common Srdčastolistni jorgovan Dubačac Bazag gospodski modar Bezg črleni Jargovan Jergovan Vulgaris; hybriden Obični Gemeiner Lila Lillŕ Lilla comune Lilli Serenella Siringa Lilas commun vulgaire Orgován obyčajný comun Syrén vanlig Sering gewoone Bez modrý Orgona Šeřík obyčejný obecný Sinel vlaský španělský
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Map of temp. hardines
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Slovenia Ljubno   16.06.2009 miran    
List of hosts on which lives this species
List of visitors on species on image
Latin Diaspidiotus perniciosus null    
Latin Parthenolecanium corni null    
Latin Lobesia (lobesia) botrana miran    
Latin Pandemis heparana null    
Latin Adoxophyes orana miran    
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