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Photo:©2017 Cvenkel Miran
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Pinus mugo...Thesaurus 
dim: 0.00/40.00 mm 
Gorski borovac
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Pinus mugo Rušje montana Berg kiefer, legföhre% latsche Planinski bor Pine mountain Dwarf pine/mugo p. krivulj Običan borić Klekovina Gorski borovac Borina Leg föhre kiefer krummholz Pino montano Pin mugho de montagne couché Borovice kleč horská pravá Borovica Sosna górska Kosodrzewina alpská rašelinná Kosodrevina
Map of temp. hardines
/ Submit
Slovenia Storžič   01.07.2010 miran    
Slovenia košuta,Veliki vrh (košuta)   kvadrant9551 03.08.2008 miran    
List of hosts on which lives this species
List of visitors on species on image
Latin Phytophthora cryptogea
Latin Pityogenes chalcographus miran    
Latin Neodiprion sertifer miran    
Latin Rhyacionia buoliana miran    
Latin Contarinia baeri
List of hosts/vsitors limited to 10 records max. Hovewer all data are accessiable through search form.
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