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Photo:©2018 Cvenkel Miran
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Bolinus brandaris...Thesaurus 
dim: 50.00/0.00 mm 
Murex brandaris brevispinus
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Murex brandaris aculeatus brevispinus Bolinus Bodičasti volek ecaudata bifida canaliaspinosa canaliaspinosus cingulata compacta conica delgadoi delicatula bicaudata fragilis diplacantha devians adunca spinosus spinotuberculata spinotuberculatus spirocaudata subcornutus ternispinosa torta trifariaspinosa trispinosa tuberculata tudiculoides aculeata robusta gigantea girisus clavisherculis monospinosus moreanus pseudobrandaris zanardii subbrandaris trifariaspinosus trispinosus tuberculatus varicosus quadrispinosa intermedia longispina multicostata multicostatus nivea nodosa novemcostata novemcostatus polii Purpura fuliginosa Aranea cinera Haustellum clavatum brandariformis brandellus brevispinis ponderosus longiaculeatus insculptus commixtus Čokati Bodljikavi volak Herkuleskeule Brandhorn Rozkolec grubościeniec Ostranka jaderská
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Slovenia Ankaran   shore area 05.04.2016 miran    
Slovenia Piran   shore area 18.05.2000 miran    
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