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Juglans regia...Thesaurus 
dim: 25.00/40000.00 mm 
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Juglans regia Navadni oreh Common walnut tree Noyer commun frutescens turcomanica dissecta duclouxiana fertilis orientis longirostris kamaonia intermedia heterophylla fruticosa asplenifolia arguta praematuriens maxima Pterocarya japonica vilmoriniana sinensis salicifolia alata Echte walnuß Beli chinese hybrid Walnuts Persian English Obični orah Pitomi Oruh Orjeh Orij Orih Ora Orak Орах Walnußbaum echter chinesischer Nußbaum Noce ibrido della china comune hybride royal de chine Orech kráľovský Walnotenboom Nogueira اخروٹ Valnöt Valnoettraed Arrë Ořešák Орех Vlašský Nucă Грецкий Valniehtti Walnoot gewoone Diófa Ընկուզենի クルミ अखरोट Pähkinäpuu گردو Nogal castilla O. Cneuen ffrengig Wōnati
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Map of temp. hardines
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Slovenia Oplotnica   kvadrant9658/2 12.06.2010 miran    
Slovenia Pliskovica   kvadrant10248/2 02.03.2007 miran    
Slovenia Odranci   kvadrant 9463/2 22.08.2004 miran    
Slovenia Lipa   kvadrant 9363/4 14.06.2004 miran    
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Latin Ceratonia siliqua null    
Latin Ceratitis capitata
Latin Parthenolecanium corni null    
Latin Lymantria dispar null    
Latin Cydia pomonella null    
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