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Photo:©2018 Hedwig Storch
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Mentha piperita...Thesaurus 
dim: 2.00/700.00 mm 
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Mentha piperita x Poprova meta pennsylvanica pimentum piperoides poicila subhirsuta schultzii suavis tenuis ouweneelii officinalis calophylla calvifolia crispula durandoana globosiceps hercynica heuffelii hispidula hudsoniana langii braousiana hortensis citrata hirtescens hircina glabrata fraseri kahirina maximilianea beckeri balsamea rotundella puberula odora nigricans napolitana exaltata concinna canescens banatica aquatica spicata Mint pepper Peppermint Metvica Paprena Minze pfeffer Pfefferminze Menta piperina Menthe poivrée Hierba buena negra Máta peprná Peppar mynta Hortela pimenta Peper munt
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Latin Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa miran    
Latin Ditylenchus dipsaci null    
Latin Sclerotinia sclerotiorum miran    
Latin Autographa californica
Latin Agrotis ipsilon miran    
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