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Photo:©2018 Daniel Fuchs
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Colutea arborescens...Thesaurus 
dim: 30.00/4000.00 mm 
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Colutea arborescens brevialata arborea ovčja leča Mehurka Drevesasta turška pokalica Senna bladder atlantic Puškalovina Grohotuša Pucalica Pucalina vela Žuti bagrem Pucaljika Pucavac Žuta bagrema Drvolika Pucaljina Baumartiger blasenstrauch Gelber Gewöhnlicher atlantischer nostrale Vescicaria Vesicaria Arbre à vessies Sene batard Baguenaudier commun de l'atlas Glouglou Haguenaudier arborescent Ľanovec měchýřník Mechúrnik stromovitý Žanovec
Map of temp. hardines
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Latin Parthenolecanium corni null    
Latin Acyrthosiphon caraganae
Latin Aphis (aphis) craccivora null    
Latin Acyrthosiphon pisum null    
Latin Iolana iolas
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