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Photo:©2018 Grezty
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Silene latifolia...Thesaurus 
dim: 15.00/0.00 mm 
пуцавац бели
Popis speciesea u galeriji
Pomozite nam prepoznati nepoznate speciese !
Taxa(  ): -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 


Silene variegata Atocion armeria latifolia Lychnis armoraria umbellata mixta Agrostemma Oberna lituanicum Cucubalus cyclamineus lituanica fasciculatus fabarius Rødsmelle Beli slizek Vrtna pokalica lepnica Catchfly Sweet William garden Lepica paštitkasta Ljepiva pušina prilepak pucavac пуцавац бели Garten leimkraut nelken Morgenroeschen a mazzetti bouquets Silàne Rosenglim Silenka svazčitá Mushitorinadeshiko
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Map of temp. hardines
/ Submit
Slovenia Beltinci   kvadrant 9363/3 18.07.2009 miran    
Slovenia Bratonci   kvadrant 9363/3 09.07.2004 miran    
Slovenia Ljubno   24.04.2016 miran    
Slovenia Oplotnica   kvadrant9658/2 27.07.2008 miran    
Slovenia Pliskovica   kvadrant10248/2 17.06.2007 miran    
Slovenia Gančani   kvadrant 9363/4 12.08.2004 miran    
Slovenia Melinci   kvadrant 9463/1 02.08.2004 miran    
Slovenia Črenšovci   kvadrant 9463/2 22.07.2005 miran    
List of hosts on which lives this species
Latin Albugo candida null    
List of visitors on species on image
Latin Heterodera schachtii
Latin Ditylenchus dipsaci null    
Latin Uromyces dianthi
Latin Melampsorella caryophyllacearum null    
Latin Caryocolum cauligenella
List of hosts/vsitors limited to 10 records max. Hovewer all data are accessiable through search form.
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