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Juniperus sabina...Thesaurus 
dim: 5.00/0.00 mm 
Juniper sabina
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Juniperus sabina alpestris yulinensis vulgaris monosperma lusitanica officinalis arborescens foetida humilis cupressifolia Stink wacholder, sadebaum Jalowiec sawina brdebitka Smrdljiva brina Smrdljivi brin pritlehni brinj Juniper savin Gluha smreka Varunac Somina jagodna Smrieč gluhi Smrič brinja Glušac Glušak Klekovina ženska Otrovna smrč borovica Planinska Smrdeljika Savica Wacholder sade Sfistrauch Sefi Sefistrauch Ginepro sabino Sabinier Genevrier sabine fétide Borievka netatová Saevenbom Jalovec chvojka klášterská Zevenboom
Map of temp. hardines
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Latin Gymnosporangium sabinae null    
Latin Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis
Latin Hyalophora cecropia
Latin Dichomeris marginella
Latin Arceuthobium oxycedri null    
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