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Photo:©2018 Rude
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Salix viminalis...Thesaurus 
dim: 0.00/610.00 mm 
Sauce mimbre
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Salix viminalis Saule des vanniers gmelini gmelinii linearis rossica veriviminalis Beka Vrba –beka Willow twiggy osier common črljena črna crna Vezovi Vengovina Zukva Košaračka Bekva Korb weide band elb hanf Salice da vimini viminale Vetrice Vimine Vinco Brillo viminal blanc Mimbrera Vide korg konopina košařská košikárska Wilg kat Sauce mimbre
 J  F  M  J  A  S  O  N  D 
Map of temp. hardines
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Latin Lyonetia clerkella null    
Latin Adoxophyes orana null    
Latin Nectria galligena null    
Latin Coleophora serratella null    
Latin Cavariella aegopodii
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