- Tetropium castaneum

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Further limit to taxa:Animalia Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Pterygota Coleoptera Polyphaga Cucujiformia Chrysomeloidea Cerambycidae Spondylidinae Tetropium Tetropium castaneum Clear

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Tetropium castaneum
Tetropium castaneum (7/7)
Chlorophorus sartor
Chlorophorus sartor (7/8)
Chlorophorus figuratus
Chlorophorus figuratus (7/10)
Protaetia aeruginosa
Protaetia aeruginosa (7/15)
Arhopalus ferus
Arhopalus ferus (6/6)
Stenopterus ater
Stenopterus ater (6/6)
Pseudovadonia livida
Pseudovadonia livida (6/7)
Pseudophonus rufipes
Pseudophonus rufipes (6/7)
Stenopterus flavicornis
Stenopterus flavicornis (6/7)
Isotomus speciosus
Isotomus speciosus (6/7)
Vadonia bisignata
Vadonia bisignata (6/7)
Molorchus minor
Molorchus minor (6/7)
Melanotus punctolineatus
Melanotus punctolineatus (6/7)
Phyllotreta undulata
Phyllotreta undulata (6/7)
Staphylinidae (6/8)
Oedemera lurida
Oedemera lurida (6/8)
Staphylinidae (6/8)
Anoplodera sexguttata
Anoplodera sexguttata (6/8)
Calathus (6/8)
Pseudophonus rufipes
Pseudophonus rufipes (6/8)
Oedemera femorata
Oedemera femorata (6/9)
Anastrangalia sanguinolenta
Anastrangalia sanguinolenta (6/9)
Oedemera femorata
Oedemera femorata (6/9)
Phloeopora corticalis
Phloeopora corticalis (6/9)
Crioceris duodecimpunctata
Crioceris duodecimpunctata (6/9)
Prionus coriarius
Prionus coriarius (6/9)
Prionus coriarius
Prionus coriarius (6/9)
Crioceris duodecimpunctata
Crioceris duodecimpunctata (6/9)
Histerinae (6/9)
Aegialia sabuleti
Aegialia sabuleti (6/10)
Poecilus cupreus
Poecilus cupreus (6/10)
Rhynchophorus ferrugineus
Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (6/10)
Harpalus honestus
Harpalus honestus (6/10)
Onthophagus taurus
Onthophagus taurus (6/11)
Cryptocephalus bipunctatus
Cryptocephalus bipunctatus (6/11)
Onthophagus ovatus
Onthophagus ovatus (6/12)
Onthophagus vacca
Onthophagus vacca (6/12)
Euoniticellus fulvus
Euoniticellus fulvus (6/12)
Onthophagus fracticornis
Onthophagus fracticornis (6/12)
Onthophagus taurus
Onthophagus taurus (6/12)
Copris lunaris
Copris lunaris (6/12)
Caccobius schreberi
Caccobius schreberi (6/12)
Onthophagus taurus
Onthophagus taurus (6/13)
Onthophagus taurus
Onthophagus taurus (6/13)
Onthophagus illyricus
Onthophagus illyricus (6/13)
Cryptocephalus trimaculatus
Cryptocephalus trimaculatus (6/13)
Arhopalus rusticus
Arhopalus rusticus (5/5)
Purpuricenus kaehleri
Purpuricenus kaehleri (5/5)
Paracorymbia maculicornis
Paracorymbia maculicornis (5/5)
Tenebrio molitor
Tenebrio molitor (5/5)
Purpuricenus kaehleri
Purpuricenus kaehleri (5/5)
Phymatodes testaceus
Phymatodes testaceus (5/5)
Omophlus lepturoides
Omophlus lepturoides (5/5)
Nothochrysa fulviceps
Nothochrysa fulviceps (5/5)
Callimoxys (5/5)
Cantharis livida
Cantharis livida (5/5)
Amara fulva
Amara fulva (5/5)
Pidonia lurida
Pidonia lurida (5/5)
Phymatodes testaceus
Phymatodes testaceus (5/5)
Pseudophonus rufipes
Pseudophonus rufipes (5/5)
Phymatodes testaceus
Phymatodes testaceus (5/5)
Cantharis livida
Cantharis livida (5/5)
Tetropium fuscum
Tetropium fuscum (5/5)
Cerambyx scopolii
Cerambyx scopolii (5/6)
Purpuricenus budensis
Purpuricenus budensis (5/6)
Kibunea minutus
Kibunea minutus (5/6)
Agriotes sputator
Agriotes sputator (5/6)
Aromia moschata
Aromia moschata (5/6)
Phytoecia icterica
Phytoecia icterica (5/6)
Agriotes obscurus
Agriotes obscurus (5/6)
Ischnodes sanguinicollis
Ischnodes sanguinicollis (5/6)
Monochamus saltuarius
Monochamus saltuarius (5/6)
Paederus littoralis
Paederus littoralis (5/6)
Adrastus pallens
Adrastus pallens (5/6)
Paederus riparius
Paederus riparius (5/6)
Saphanus piceus
Saphanus piceus (5/6)
Zyras limbatus
Zyras limbatus (5/6)
Metacantharis (5/6)
Harpalus dimidiatus
Harpalus dimidiatus (5/6)
Agriotes (5/6)
Ergates faber
Ergates faber (5/6)
Metacantharis discoidea
Metacantharis discoidea (5/6)
Anthaxia podolica
Anthaxia podolica (5/6)
Alosterna tabacicolor
Alosterna tabacicolor (5/6)
Rhagium bifasciatum
Rhagium bifasciatum (5/6)
Phyllotreta undulata
Phyllotreta undulata (5/6)
Acinopus picipes
Acinopus picipes (5/6)
Pyrrhidium sanguineum
Pyrrhidium sanguineum (5/6)
Pachyta quadrimaculata
Pachyta quadrimaculata (5/6)
Rhagium bifasciatum
Rhagium bifasciatum (5/6)
Phymatodes testaceus
Phymatodes testaceus (5/6)
Berytinus minor
Berytinus minor (5/6)
Hypochrysa elegans
Hypochrysa elegans (5/6)
Abax parallelus
Abax parallelus (5/6)
Agrilus viridis
Agrilus viridis (5/6)
Abax parallelepipedus
Abax parallelepipedus (5/6)
Harpalus tardus
Harpalus tardus (5/6)
Prionus coriarius
Prionus coriarius (5/6)
Cantharis paradoxa
Cantharis paradoxa (5/6)
Tenebrio molitor
Tenebrio molitor (5/6)
Stenurella melanura
Stenurella melanura (5/6)
Rhagium inquisitor
Rhagium inquisitor (5/6)
Stictoleptura cordigera
Stictoleptura cordigera (5/6)
Metacantharis discoidea
Metacantharis discoidea (5/6)
Meligethes aeneus
Meligethes aeneus (5/6)
Rhagium bifasciatum
Rhagium bifasciatum (5/6)
Alosterna tabacicolor
Alosterna tabacicolor (5/6)
Stictoleptura rubra
Stictoleptura rubra (5/6)
Prionus coriarius
Prionus coriarius (5/6)
Chlorophorus figuratus
Chlorophorus figuratus (5/6)
Oplosia cinerea
Oplosia cinerea (5/6)
Staphylinidae (5/6)
Molorchus umbellatarum
Molorchus umbellatarum (5/6)
Buprestis haemorrhoidalis
Buprestis haemorrhoidalis (5/7)
Phyllobius maculicornis
Phyllobius maculicornis (5/7)
Harpalus distinguendus
Harpalus distinguendus (5/7)
Byrrhus pilula
Byrrhus pilula (5/7)
Pseudoophonus griseus
Pseudoophonus griseus (5/7)
Molorchus minor
Molorchus minor (5/7)
Saperda octopunctata
Saperda octopunctata (5/7)
Anastrangalia dubia
Anastrangalia dubia (5/7)
Oiceoptoma thoracicum
Oiceoptoma thoracicum (5/7)
Saperda punctata
Saperda punctata (5/7)
Phyllobius pyri
Phyllobius pyri (5/7)
Dasytes virens
Dasytes virens (5/7)
Stenopterus rufus
Stenopterus rufus (5/7)
Megaloceroea recticornis
Megaloceroea recticornis (5/7)
Sphaerophoria scripta
Sphaerophoria scripta (5/7)
Dalopius marginatus
Dalopius marginatus (5/7)
Pterostichus vernalis
Pterostichus vernalis (5/7)
Palomena viridissima
Palomena viridissima (5/7)
Cantharis livida var. rufipes
Cantharis livida var. rufipes (5/7)
Stenopterus rufus
Stenopterus rufus (5/7)
Cantharis obscura
Cantharis obscura (5/7)
Phytoecia nigripes
Phytoecia nigripes (5/7)
Xylosandrus germanus
Xylosandrus germanus (5/7)
Phyllotreta tetrastigma
Phyllotreta tetrastigma (5/7)
Grypocoris stysi
Grypocoris stysi (5/7)
Paederus littoralis
Paederus littoralis (5/7)
Harpalus tardus
Harpalus tardus (5/7)
Mordella aculeata
Mordella aculeata (5/7)
Sitona puncticollis
Sitona puncticollis (5/7)
Latridius minutus
Latridius minutus (5/7)
Sitona inops
Sitona inops (5/7)
Triplax russica
Triplax russica (5/7)
Herophila tristis
Herophila tristis (5/7)
Anaglyptus gibbosus
Anaglyptus gibbosus (5/7)
Phyllobius pomaceus
Phyllobius pomaceus (5/7)
Harpalus smaragdinus
Harpalus smaragdinus (5/7)
Anaglyptus mysticus
Anaglyptus mysticus (5/7)
Axinopalpis gracilis
Axinopalpis gracilis (5/7)
Rhagonycha fulva
Rhagonycha fulva (5/7)
Necrodes littoralis
Necrodes littoralis (5/7)
Anthaxia quadripunctata
Anthaxia quadripunctata (5/7)
Saperda punctata
Saperda punctata (5/7)
Phyllobius arborator
Phyllobius arborator (5/7)
Lebia chlorocephala
Lebia chlorocephala (5/7)
Tetrops praeustus
Tetrops praeustus (5/7)
Thanatophilus sinuatus
Thanatophilus sinuatus (5/7)
Xylosandrus germanus
Xylosandrus germanus (5/7)
Dasycerus sulcatus
Dasycerus sulcatus (5/7)
Odacantha melanura
Odacantha melanura (5/7)
Staphylinus caesareus
Staphylinus caesareus (5/7)
Oedemera lurida
Oedemera lurida (5/7)
Melanotus (5/7)
Stomis pumicatus
Stomis pumicatus (5/7)
Asemum striatum
Asemum striatum (5/7)
Anogcodes rufiventris
Anogcodes rufiventris (5/7)
Pogonocherus hispidus
Pogonocherus hispidus (5/7)
Phyllobius argentatus
Phyllobius argentatus (5/7)
Molorchus minor
Molorchus minor (5/7)
Tenebrio opacus
Tenebrio opacus (5/7)
Anthonomus rubi
Anthonomus rubi (5/7)
Oedemera nobilis
Oedemera nobilis (5/7)
Hylotrupes bajulus
Hylotrupes bajulus (5/7)
Blitophaga opaca
Blitophaga opaca (5/7)
Phyllobius calcaratus
Phyllobius calcaratus (5/7)
Eusphalerum florale
Eusphalerum florale (5/7)
Philonthus longicornis
Philonthus longicornis (5/7)
Longitarsus (5/8)
Staphylinidae (5/8)
Acmaeodera degener
Acmaeodera degener (5/8)
Pogonocherus fasciculatus
Pogonocherus fasciculatus (5/8)
Alphitobius laevigatus
Alphitobius laevigatus (5/8)
Elater ferrugineus
Elater ferrugineus (5/8)
Ampedus pomorum
Ampedus pomorum (5/8)
Philonthus (5/8)
Phyllobius viridicollis
Phyllobius viridicollis (5/8)
Agriotes lineatus
Agriotes lineatus (5/8)
Phyllotreta nigripes
Phyllotreta nigripes (5/8)
Aphodius consputus
Aphodius consputus (5/8)
Diodesma subterranea
Diodesma subterranea (5/8)
Oedemera femorata
Oedemera femorata (5/8)
Platydracus stercorarius
Platydracus stercorarius (5/8)
Corticeus unicolor
Corticeus unicolor (5/8)
Leistus spinibarbis
Leistus spinibarbis (5/8)
Plagionotus arcuatus
Plagionotus arcuatus (5/8)
Plagionotus detritus
Plagionotus detritus (5/8)
Nacerdes carniolica
Nacerdes carniolica (5/8)
Eurygaster maura
Eurygaster maura (5/8)
Platydracus fulvipes
Platydracus fulvipes (5/8)
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