- Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta

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Further limit to taxa:Plantae Spermatophyta Angiospermae Monocotyledones Poales Poaceae Triticeae Triticum Triticum aestivum Triticum aestivum subsp. spelta Clear

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Triticum spelta
Triticum spelta (6/6)
Secale cereale
Secale cereale (5/9)
Secale cereale
Secale cereale (5/9)
Juncus filiformis
Juncus filiformis (4/5)
Juncus monanthos
Juncus monanthos (4/5)
Carex pseudocyperus
Carex pseudocyperus (4/5)
Hordeum (4/6)
Carex alba
Carex alba (4/7)
Carex muricata
Carex muricata (4/8)
Carex bicolor
Carex bicolor (4/8)
Carex flava
Carex flava (4/8)
Streptopus amplexifolius
Streptopus amplexifolius (4/8)
Polygonatum latifolium
Polygonatum latifolium (4/9)
Polygonatum verticillatum
Polygonatum verticillatum (4/9)
Polygonatum verticillatum
Polygonatum verticillatum (4/9)
Polygonatum verticillatum
Polygonatum verticillatum (4/9)
Polygonatum odoratum
Polygonatum odoratum (4/9)
Allium ursinum
Allium ursinum (4/9)
Juncus effusus
Juncus effusus (4/9)
Aegilops cylindrica
Aegilops cylindrica (4/9)
Ruscus hypoglossum
Ruscus hypoglossum (4/9)
Ruscus aculeatus
Ruscus aculeatus (4/10)
Eriophorum angustifolium
Eriophorum angustifolium (4/10)
Asparagus acutifolius
Asparagus acutifolius (4/10)
Cynodon dactylon
Cynodon dactylon (4/11)
Convallaria majalis
Convallaria majalis (4/12)
Echinochloa crus-galli
Echinochloa crus-galli (4/12)
Dioscorea bulbifera
Dioscorea bulbifera (4/12)
Asparagus officinalis
Asparagus officinalis (4/13)
Smilax aspera
Smilax aspera (4/13)
Tamus communis
Tamus communis (4/13)
Dioscorea caucasica
Dioscorea caucasica (4/13)
Iris foetidissima
Iris foetidissima (4/13)
Dioscorea polystachya
Dioscorea polystachya (4/13)
Carex alba
Carex alba (3/5)
Carex lasiocarpa
Carex lasiocarpa (3/5)
Scheuchzeria palustris
Scheuchzeria palustris (3/5)
Asparagus tenuifolius
Asparagus tenuifolius (3/5)
Asparagus tenuifolius
Asparagus tenuifolius (3/5)
Paris quadrifolia
Paris quadrifolia (3/5)
Streptopus amplexifolius
Streptopus amplexifolius (3/6)
Maianthemum bifolium
Maianthemum bifolium (3/7)
Dorycnium pentaphyllum subsp. herbaceum
Dorycnium pentaphyllum subsp. herbaceum (3/7)
Arum maculatum
Arum maculatum (3/7)
Gladiolus illyricus
Gladiolus illyricus (3/7)
Maianthemum bifolium
Maianthemum bifolium (3/7)
Maianthemum bifolium
Maianthemum bifolium (3/8)
Sparganium emersum
Sparganium emersum (3/10)
Belamcanda chinensis
Belamcanda chinensis (3/10)
Smilax aspera
Smilax aspera (3/10)
Tamus communis
Tamus communis (3/11)
Rohdea japonica
Rohdea japonica (3/12)
Streptopus lanceolatus
Streptopus lanceolatus (3/12)
Rhamnus cathartica
Rhamnus cathartica (3/13)
Danae racemosa
Danae racemosa (3/13)
Paliurus spina-christi
Paliurus spina-christi (3/13)
Halesia carolina
Halesia carolina (3/14)
Cornus mas
Cornus mas (3/14)
Cornus sericea
Cornus sericea (3/15)
Cornus officinalis
Cornus officinalis (3/15)
Arum italicum
Arum italicum (3/16)
Cordyline fruticosa
Cordyline fruticosa (3/16)
Bartramia pomiformis
Bartramia pomiformis (2/2)
Ctenidium molluscum
Ctenidium molluscum (2/2)
Climacium dendroides
Climacium dendroides (2/2)
Thlaspi rotundifolium
Thlaspi rotundifolium (2/2)
Rhizomnium punctatum
Rhizomnium punctatum (2/2)
Campylium stellatum
Campylium stellatum (2/2)
Atrichum undulatum
Atrichum undulatum (2/2)
Calliergonella cuspidata
Calliergonella cuspidata (2/2)
Atrichum undulatum
Atrichum undulatum (2/2)
Tortella tortuosa
Tortella tortuosa (2/2)
Bartramia pomiformis
Bartramia pomiformis (2/2)
Pohlia nutans
Pohlia nutans (2/2)
Brachythecium (2/2)
Philonotis calcarea
Philonotis calcarea (2/2)
Thuidium tamariscinum
Thuidium tamariscinum (2/2)
Mnium spinosum
Mnium spinosum (2/2)
Funaria hygrometrica
Funaria hygrometrica (2/3)
Brachythecium rutabulum
Brachythecium rutabulum (2/3)
Amblystegium subtile
Amblystegium subtile (2/3)
Bartramia halleriana
Bartramia halleriana (2/3)
Pohlia nutans
Pohlia nutans (2/3)
Atrichum undulatum
Atrichum undulatum (2/3)
Philonotis calcarea
Philonotis calcarea (2/3)
Eurhynchium striatum
Eurhynchium striatum (2/3)
Polytrichum strictum
Polytrichum strictum (2/3)
Brachytheciastrum velutinum
Brachytheciastrum velutinum (2/3)
Brachythecium rutabulum
Brachythecium rutabulum (2/3)
Barbula unguiculata
Barbula unguiculata (2/3)
Dicranum scoparium
Dicranum scoparium (2/4)
Valeriana supina
Valeriana supina (2/4)
Rumex conglomeratus
Rumex conglomeratus (2/4)
Rumex conglomeratus
Rumex conglomeratus (2/5)
Lunaria rediviva
Lunaria rediviva (2/5)
Alyssum ovirense
Alyssum ovirense (2/5)
Thlaspi rotundifolium
Thlaspi rotundifolium (2/5)
Sonchus palustris
Sonchus palustris (2/5)
Polygonum lapathifolium
Polygonum lapathifolium (2/5)
Allium proliferum
Allium proliferum (2/6)
Pulsatilla alpina
Pulsatilla alpina (2/6)
Scrophularia canina
Scrophularia canina (2/6)
Cardamine bulbifera
Cardamine bulbifera (2/6)
Euphorbia lathyris
Euphorbia lathyris (2/6)
Frangula rupestris
Frangula rupestris (2/6)
Senecio fuchsii
Senecio fuchsii (2/6)
Xanthium italicum
Xanthium italicum (2/6)
Fabaceae (2/6)
Cotoneaster tomentosus
Cotoneaster tomentosus (2/6)
Rhamnus fallax
Rhamnus fallax (2/6)
Lathyrus vernus
Lathyrus vernus (2/6)
Pulsatilla montana
Pulsatilla montana (2/6)
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria (2/6)
Noccaea montana
Noccaea montana (2/6)
Myrtus communis
Myrtus communis (2/7)
Buglossoides purpurocaerulea
Buglossoides purpurocaerulea (2/7)
Persicaria maculosa
Persicaria maculosa (2/7)
Chrysosplenium alternifolium
Chrysosplenium alternifolium (2/7)
Arctostaphylos alpina
Arctostaphylos alpina (2/7)
Rumex obtusifolius
Rumex obtusifolius (2/7)
Laserpitium siler
Laserpitium siler (2/7)
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria (2/7)
Medicago minima
Medicago minima (2/7)
Atropa belladonna
Atropa belladonna (2/7)
Coronilla vaginalis
Coronilla vaginalis (2/8)
Lindera benzoin
Lindera benzoin (2/8)
Arctostaphylos alpinus
Arctostaphylos alpinus (2/8)
Cotoneaster tomentosus
Cotoneaster tomentosus (2/8)
Allium sativum
Allium sativum (2/8)
Mercurialis annua
Mercurialis annua (2/8)
Bryonia dioica
Bryonia dioica (2/8)
Viscum album
Viscum album (2/8)
Dryas octopetala
Dryas octopetala (2/8)
Ephedra distachya
Ephedra distachya (2/8)
Euonymus latifolia
Euonymus latifolia (2/8)
Euonymus latifolia
Euonymus latifolia (2/8)
Juniperus oxycedrus
Juniperus oxycedrus (2/8)
Solanum nigrum
Solanum nigrum (2/8)
Arctostaphylos alpinus
Arctostaphylos alpinus (2/8)
Helleborus viridis
Helleborus viridis (2/8)
Chamaecytisus (2/8)
Loranthus europaeus
Loranthus europaeus (2/8)
Agrimonia procera
Agrimonia procera (2/8)
Sanicula europaea
Sanicula europaea (2/9)
Daphne mezereum
Daphne mezereum (2/9)
Hedera hibernica
Hedera hibernica (2/9)
Rhamnus frangula
Rhamnus frangula (2/9)
Orlaya grandiflora
Orlaya grandiflora (2/9)
Larix laricina
Larix laricina (2/9)
Callistemon rigidus
Callistemon rigidus (2/9)
Vicia oroboides
Vicia oroboides (2/9)
Malva neglecta
Malva neglecta (2/9)
Clematis alpina
Clematis alpina (2/9)
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (2/9)
Pinus x schwerinii
Pinus x schwerinii (2/9)
Tragopogon pratensis
Tragopogon pratensis (2/9)
Rumex acetosa
Rumex acetosa (2/9)
Chenopodium foliosum
Chenopodium foliosum (2/9)
Daphne mezereum
Daphne mezereum (2/9)
Ophioglossum vulgatum
Ophioglossum vulgatum (2/9)
Bunias erucago
Bunias erucago (2/9)
Vaccinium uliginosum
Vaccinium uliginosum (2/9)
Hippocrepis emerus
Hippocrepis emerus (2/9)
Cupressus abramsiana
Cupressus abramsiana (2/10)
Pseudotsuga menziesii
Pseudotsuga menziesii (2/10)
Picea abies
Picea abies (2/10)
Vaccinium myrtillus
Vaccinium myrtillus (2/10)
Actaea spicata
Actaea spicata (2/10)
Cyclamen purpurascens
Cyclamen purpurascens (2/10)
Botrychium matricariifolium
Botrychium matricariifolium (2/10)
Pinus nigra
Pinus nigra (2/10)
Bryonia alba
Bryonia alba (2/10)
Noccaea minima
Noccaea minima (2/10)
Hedera hibernica
Hedera hibernica (2/10)
Hedera hibernica
Hedera hibernica (2/10)
Actaea spicata
Actaea spicata (2/10)
Gingko biloba
Gingko biloba (2/10)
Pinus cembra
Pinus cembra (2/10)
Botrychium multifidum
Botrychium multifidum (2/10)
Chenopodium capitatum
Chenopodium capitatum (2/10)
Pseudotsuga menziesii
Pseudotsuga menziesii (2/10)
Bryonia dioica
Bryonia dioica (2/10)
Prunus padus
Prunus padus (2/10)
Arabis alpina
Arabis alpina (2/10)
Medicago rigidula
Medicago rigidula (2/10)
Clematis vitalba
Clematis vitalba (2/10)
Caragana aurantiaca
Caragana aurantiaca (2/10)
Medicago orbicularis
Medicago orbicularis (2/10)
Cupressus lusitanica
Cupressus lusitanica (2/10)
Botrychium lunaria
Botrychium lunaria (2/10)
Ophiopogon japonicus
Ophiopogon japonicus (2/10)
Prunus padus
Prunus padus (2/10)
Cedrus libani
Cedrus libani (2/11)
Juniperus communis
Juniperus communis (2/11)
Actaea spicata
Actaea spicata (2/11)
Physalis alkekengi
Physalis alkekengi (2/11)
Euonymus latifolius
Euonymus latifolius (2/11)
Cupressus sempervirens
Cupressus sempervirens (2/11)
Abies alba
Abies alba (2/11)
Juniperus communis
Juniperus communis (2/11)
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