- Stauropus fagi

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Stauropus fagi
Stauropus fagi (7/7)
Rheumaptera hastata
Rheumaptera hastata (6/6)
Lymantria monacha
Lymantria monacha (6/7)
Lymantria monacha
Lymantria monacha (6/7)
Erannis defoliaria
Erannis defoliaria (6/7)
Lymantria monacha
Lymantria monacha (6/7)
Lythria cruentaria
Lythria cruentaria (5/5)
Pareulype berberata
Pareulype berberata (5/5)
Spilosoma lubricipeda
Spilosoma lubricipeda (5/5)
Lomographa temerata
Lomographa temerata (5/5)
Petrophora chlorosata
Petrophora chlorosata (5/5)
Anarta myrtilli
Anarta myrtilli (5/5)
Catocala promissa
Catocala promissa (5/6)
Ascotis selenaria
Ascotis selenaria (5/6)
Agriopis marginaria
Agriopis marginaria (5/6)
Triphosa dubitata
Triphosa dubitata (5/6)
Amphipyra berbera
Amphipyra berbera (5/6)
Costaconvexa polygrammata
Costaconvexa polygrammata (5/6)
Zanclognatha zelleralis
Zanclognatha zelleralis (5/6)
Operophtera brumata
Operophtera brumata (5/6)
Agriopis marginaria
Agriopis marginaria (5/6)
Cyclophora linearia
Cyclophora linearia (5/6)
Euphyia biangulata
Euphyia biangulata (5/6)
Agriopis leucophaearia
Agriopis leucophaearia (5/6)
Polyploca ridens
Polyploca ridens (5/6)
Pyrausta aurata
Pyrausta aurata (5/6)
Laspeyria flexula
Laspeyria flexula (5/6)
Catarhoe cuculata
Catarhoe cuculata (5/6)
Isturgia arenacearia
Isturgia arenacearia (5/6)
Endotricha flammealis
Endotricha flammealis (5/6)
Rheumaptera hastata
Rheumaptera hastata (5/6)
Triphosa dubitata
Triphosa dubitata (5/6)
Pyrausta purpuralis
Pyrausta purpuralis (5/6)
Alcis jubata
Alcis jubata (5/6)
Laspeyria flexula
Laspeyria flexula (5/6)
Allophyes oxyacanthae
Allophyes oxyacanthae (5/6)
Electrophaes corylata
Electrophaes corylata (5/7)
Acasis viretata
Acasis viretata (5/7)
Orgyia antiqua
Orgyia antiqua (5/7)
Aplocera efformata
Aplocera efformata (5/7)
Cerura erminea
Cerura erminea (5/7)
Scotopteryx luridata
Scotopteryx luridata (5/7)
Catocala elocata
Catocala elocata (5/7)
Evergestis forficalis
Evergestis forficalis (5/7)
Cosmia trapezina
Cosmia trapezina (5/7)
Earophila badiata
Earophila badiata (5/7)
Amphipyra pyramidea
Amphipyra pyramidea (5/7)
Colotois pennaria
Colotois pennaria (5/7)
Thyatira batis
Thyatira batis (5/7)
Chloroclysta siterata
Chloroclysta siterata (5/7)
Euphyia unangulata
Euphyia unangulata (5/7)
Anania lancealis
Anania lancealis (5/8)
Herminia tarsicrinalis
Herminia tarsicrinalis (5/8)
Scotopteryx chenopodiata
Scotopteryx chenopodiata (5/8)
Anania coronata
Anania coronata (5/8)
Orthosia cerasi
Orthosia cerasi (5/8)
Calliteara pudibunda
Calliteara pudibunda (5/8)
Eupsilia transversa
Eupsilia transversa (5/8)
Drepana falcataria
Drepana falcataria (5/8)
Herminia grisealis
Herminia grisealis (5/8)
Trichiura crataegi
Trichiura crataegi (5/9)
Apeira syringaria
Apeira syringaria (5/9)
Herminia grisealis
Herminia grisealis (5/9)
Minucia lunaris
Minucia lunaris (5/9)
Malacosoma neustria
Malacosoma neustria (5/9)
Brenthis hecate
Brenthis hecate (5/9)
Euclidia mi
Euclidia mi (4/4)
Deltote deceptoria
Deltote deceptoria (4/4)
Choreutis pariana
Choreutis pariana (4/4)
Grapholitini (4/4)
Mamestra brassicae
Mamestra brassicae (4/4)
Melanthia procellata
Melanthia procellata (4/4)
Perizoma parallelolineata
Perizoma parallelolineata (4/4)
Hecatera dysodea
Hecatera dysodea (4/4)
Perizoma parallelolineata
Perizoma parallelolineata (4/4)
Agriopis aurantiaria
Agriopis aurantiaria (4/4)
Lythria purpuraria
Lythria purpuraria (4/4)
Opisthograptis luteolata
Opisthograptis luteolata (4/4)
Choreutis nemorana
Choreutis nemorana (4/4)
Perizoma flavofasciata
Perizoma flavofasciata (4/4)
Phytometra viridaria
Phytometra viridaria (4/4)
Thyatira batis
Thyatira batis (4/5)
Mormo maura
Mormo maura (4/5)
Idaea dimidiata
Idaea dimidiata (4/5)
Anthophila fabriciana
Anthophila fabriciana (4/5)
Eurois occulta
Eurois occulta (4/5)
Anthophila fabriciana
Anthophila fabriciana (4/5)
Epirrita christyi
Epirrita christyi (4/5)
Euzophera pinguis
Euzophera pinguis (4/5)
Lacanobia oleracea
Lacanobia oleracea (4/5)
Crocallis elinguaria
Crocallis elinguaria (4/5)
Acherontia atropos
Acherontia atropos (4/5)
Spilosoma urticae
Spilosoma urticae (4/5)
Plagodis dolabraria
Plagodis dolabraria (4/5)
Atethmia centrago
Atethmia centrago (4/5)
Xanthorhoe ferrugata
Xanthorhoe ferrugata (4/5)
Perizoma blandiata
Perizoma blandiata (4/5)
Utetheisa pulchella
Utetheisa pulchella (4/5)
Amphipyra pyramidea
Amphipyra pyramidea (4/5)
Lythria cruentaria
Lythria cruentaria (4/5)
Mesapamea secalis
Mesapamea secalis (4/5)
Stauropus fagi
Stauropus fagi (4/5)
Plemyria rubiginata
Plemyria rubiginata (4/5)
Eurrhypis pollinalis
Eurrhypis pollinalis (4/5)
Arctia caja
Arctia caja (4/5)
Sphinx ligustri
Sphinx ligustri (4/5)
Helicoverpa armigera
Helicoverpa armigera (4/5)
Malacosoma castrensis
Malacosoma castrensis (4/5)
Orthosia gothica
Orthosia gothica (4/5)
Furcula furcula
Furcula furcula (4/5)
Chrysodeixis chalcites
Chrysodeixis chalcites (4/5)
Polyploca ridens
Polyploca ridens (4/5)
Cymbalophora pudica
Cymbalophora pudica (4/5)
Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata
Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata (4/5)
Evergestis extimalis
Evergestis extimalis (4/5)
Lygephila craccae
Lygephila craccae (4/5)
Agrius convolvuli
Agrius convolvuli (4/5)
Tyta luctuosa
Tyta luctuosa (4/5)
Chloroclysta truncata
Chloroclysta truncata (4/5)
Semiothisa clathrata
Semiothisa clathrata (4/5)
Brachionycha nubeculosa
Brachionycha nubeculosa (4/5)
Eriogaster lanestris
Eriogaster lanestris (4/5)
Dicallomera fascelina
Dicallomera fascelina (4/5)
Lygephila pastinum
Lygephila pastinum (4/5)
Pyrausta despicata
Pyrausta despicata (4/5)
Eupithecia dodoneata
Eupithecia dodoneata (4/5)
Gymnoscelis rufifasciata
Gymnoscelis rufifasciata (4/5)
Catocala conversa
Catocala conversa (4/6)
Asthena albulata
Asthena albulata (4/6)
Heliothis peltigera
Heliothis peltigera (4/6)
Hada plebeja
Hada plebeja (4/6)
Scopula nigropunctata
Scopula nigropunctata (4/6)
Xanthorhoe ferrugata
Xanthorhoe ferrugata (4/6)
Griposia aprilina
Griposia aprilina (4/6)
Catocala coniuncta
Catocala coniuncta (4/6)
Eustroma reticulata
Eustroma reticulata (4/6)
Idaea emarginata
Idaea emarginata (4/6)
Idaea fuscovenosa
Idaea fuscovenosa (4/6)
Hylaea fasciaria
Hylaea fasciaria (4/6)
Catocala fraxini
Catocala fraxini (4/6)
Blepharita satura
Blepharita satura (4/6)
Pyralis farinalis
Pyralis farinalis (4/6)
Semiothisa alternata
Semiothisa alternata (4/6)
Dysauxes famula
Dysauxes famula (4/6)
Colostygia aqueata
Colostygia aqueata (4/6)
Idaea biselata
Idaea biselata (4/6)
Calliteara pudibunda
Calliteara pudibunda (4/6)
Scopula immutata
Scopula immutata (4/6)
Euplagia quadripunctaria
Euplagia quadripunctaria (4/6)
Catocala electa
Catocala electa (4/6)
Acronicta alni
Acronicta alni (4/6)
Furcula bicuspis
Furcula bicuspis (4/6)
Scotopteryx moeniata
Scotopteryx moeniata (4/6)
Pechipogo plumigeralis
Pechipogo plumigeralis (4/6)
Colostygia aptata
Colostygia aptata (4/6)
Idaea fuscovenosa
Idaea fuscovenosa (4/6)
Eupsilia transversa
Eupsilia transversa (4/6)
Diurnea fagella
Diurnea fagella (4/6)
Arctornis l-nigrum
Arctornis l-nigrum (4/6)
Catocala elocata
Catocala elocata (4/6)
Dendrolimus pini
Dendrolimus pini (4/6)
Xanthia aurago
Xanthia aurago (4/6)
Idaea seriata
Idaea seriata (4/6)
Pieris brassicae
Pieris brassicae (4/6)
Hypena proboscidalis
Hypena proboscidalis (4/6)
Olethreutes arcuella
Olethreutes arcuella (4/6)
Idaea (4/6)
Evergestis limbata
Evergestis limbata (4/6)
Diasemia reticularis
Diasemia reticularis (4/6)
Spilosoma lubricipeda
Spilosoma lubricipeda (4/6)
Scoliopteryx libatrix
Scoliopteryx libatrix (4/6)
Lycia hirtaria
Lycia hirtaria (4/6)
Catocala nymphaea
Catocala nymphaea (4/6)
Abraxas sylvata
Abraxas sylvata (4/6)
Plagodis dolabraria
Plagodis dolabraria (4/6)
Idaea fuscovenosa
Idaea fuscovenosa (4/6)
Scopula immutata
Scopula immutata (4/6)
Epirrhoe rivata
Epirrhoe rivata (4/6)
Lasiocampa quercus
Lasiocampa quercus (4/6)
Aplocera plagiata
Aplocera plagiata (4/6)
Pieris napi
Pieris napi (4/6)
Antitype chi
Antitype chi (4/6)
Euphyia frustata
Euphyia frustata (4/6)
Pseudopanthera macularia
Pseudopanthera macularia (4/6)
Asthena albulata
Asthena albulata (4/6)
Furcula furcula
Furcula furcula (4/6)
Dysstroma truncata
Dysstroma truncata (4/6)
Scopula ornata
Scopula ornata (4/6)
Larentia clavaria
Larentia clavaria (4/6)
Camptogramma bilineata
Camptogramma bilineata (4/6)
Idaea inquinata
Idaea inquinata (4/6)
Dysstroma citrata
Dysstroma citrata (4/6)
Nycterocea obstipata
Nycterocea obstipata (4/6)
Pyrausta despicata
Pyrausta despicata (4/6)
Idaea seriata
Idaea seriata (4/6)
Lozotaenia forsterana
Lozotaenia forsterana (4/6)
Olethreutes arcuella
Olethreutes arcuella (4/6)
Idaea aversata
Idaea aversata (4/6)
Paysandisia archon
Paysandisia archon (4/6)
Xanthia citrago
Xanthia citrago (4/6)
Anthocharis cardamines
Anthocharis cardamines (4/6)
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