- Triticum aestivum

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Triticum aestivum
Triticum aestivum (14/14)
Setaria italica
Setaria italica (11/14)
Anthoxanthum odoratum
Anthoxanthum odoratum (10/11)
Phalaris canariensis
Phalaris canariensis (10/13)
Phalaris canariensis
Phalaris canariensis (10/13)
Hordeum vulgare
Hordeum vulgare (9/11)
Sorghum bicolor
Sorghum bicolor (9/12)
Phleum pratense
Phleum pratense (9/12)
Setaria viridis
Setaria viridis (9/12)
Bromus secalinus
Bromus secalinus (9/13)
Calamagrostis brachytricha
Calamagrostis brachytricha (9/15)
Oplismenus undulatifolius
Oplismenus undulatifolius (9/15)
Hordeum vulgare
Hordeum vulgare (9/17)
Sorghum drummondii
Sorghum drummondii (8/9)
Setaria verticillata
Setaria verticillata (8/9)
Setaria glauca
Setaria glauca (8/10)
Alopecurus (8/11)
Alopecurus aequalis
Alopecurus aequalis (8/12)
Setaria faberi
Setaria faberi (8/12)
Festuca glauca
Festuca glauca (8/13)
Bromus japonicus
Bromus japonicus (8/13)
Calamagrostis x acutiflora
Calamagrostis x acutiflora (8/14)
Sorghum halepense
Sorghum halepense (8/14)
Festuca gigantea
Festuca gigantea (8/16)
Briza maxima
Briza maxima (8/17)
Elymus hispidus var. villosus
Elymus hispidus var. villosus (8/17)
Alopecurus myosuroides
Alopecurus myosuroides (7/7)
Setaria verticillata
Setaria verticillata (7/8)
Digitaria sanguinalis
Digitaria sanguinalis (7/9)
Anthoxanthum odoratum
Anthoxanthum odoratum (7/9)
Sesleria varia
Sesleria varia (7/9)
Digitaria ciliaris
Digitaria ciliaris (7/9)
Avena sterilis
Avena sterilis (7/10)
Avena fatua
Avena fatua (7/10)
Zea mays var. saccharata
Zea mays var. saccharata (7/10)
Digitaria sanguinalis
Digitaria sanguinalis (7/10)
Digitaria sanguinalis
Digitaria sanguinalis (7/10)
Echinochloa crus-galli
Echinochloa crus-galli (7/10)
Echinochloa crus-galli
Echinochloa crus-galli (7/10)
Bromus sterilis
Bromus sterilis (7/11)
Calamagrostis varia
Calamagrostis varia (7/11)
Setaria verticilliformis
Setaria verticilliformis (7/13)
Avena barbata
Avena barbata (7/14)
Anisantha sterilis
Anisantha sterilis (7/14)
Bromus inermis
Bromus inermis (7/15)
Bouteloua gracilis
Bouteloua gracilis (7/16)
Bromus tectorum
Bromus tectorum (7/18)
Molinia caerulea
Molinia caerulea (7/19)
Sesleria sadlerana
Sesleria sadlerana (6/6)
Sesleria heufleriana
Sesleria heufleriana (6/6)
Cynosurus cristatus
Cynosurus cristatus (6/7)
Andropogon gryllus
Andropogon gryllus (6/7)
Crypsis schoenoides
Crypsis schoenoides (6/8)
Agropyron repens
Agropyron repens (6/8)
Agropyron repens
Agropyron repens (6/8)
Agropyron repens
Agropyron repens (6/8)
Eleusine indica
Eleusine indica (6/8)
Bromus erectus
Bromus erectus (6/8)
Poa bulbosa
Poa bulbosa (6/9)
Bromus madritensis
Bromus madritensis (6/9)
Poa bulbosa
Poa bulbosa (6/9)
Melica ciliata
Melica ciliata (6/9)
Alopecurus pratensis
Alopecurus pratensis (6/9)
Arundo donax
Arundo donax (6/10)
Poa pratensis
Poa pratensis (6/10)
Elymus magellanicus
Elymus magellanicus (6/10)
Arrhenatherum elatius
Arrhenatherum elatius (6/11)
Festuca ovina
Festuca ovina (6/11)
Briza media
Briza media (6/11)
Festuca glauca
Festuca glauca (6/11)
Lolium perenne
Lolium perenne (6/11)
Poa annua
Poa annua (6/11)
Eragrostis minor
Eragrostis minor (6/12)
Phleum phleoides
Phleum phleoides (6/12)
Pennisetum orientale
Pennisetum orientale (6/12)
Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon gerardii (6/12)
Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon gerardii (6/12)
Molinia caerulea
Molinia caerulea (6/13)
Typha angustifolia
Typha angustifolia (6/13)
Typha latifolia
Typha latifolia (6/13)
Typha latifolia
Typha latifolia (6/13)
Typha laxmannii
Typha laxmannii (6/13)
Poa pratensis
Poa pratensis (6/13)
Typha minima
Typha minima (6/14)
Pennisetum alopecuroides
Pennisetum alopecuroides (6/14)
Smilax aspera
Smilax aspera (6/15)
Aira elegantissima
Aira elegantissima (6/15)
Festuca rubra
Festuca rubra (6/15)
Bothriochloa ischaemum
Bothriochloa ischaemum (6/15)
Asparagus densiflorus
Asparagus densiflorus (6/16)
Houttuynia cordata
Houttuynia cordata (6/17)
Stipa eriocaulis
Stipa eriocaulis (5/5)
Nardus stricta
Nardus stricta (5/6)
Melica nutans
Melica nutans (5/6)
Iris pumila
Iris pumila (5/6)
Iris pumila
Iris pumila (5/6)
Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum autumnale (5/7)
Gagea lutea
Gagea lutea (5/7)
Gagea lutea
Gagea lutea (5/7)
Poa alpina
Poa alpina (5/7)
Bassia scoparia subsp. densiflora
Bassia scoparia subsp. densiflora (5/7)
Iris graminea
Iris graminea (5/7)
Eriophorum scheuchzeri
Eriophorum scheuchzeri (5/7)
Eriophorum scheuchzeri
Eriophorum scheuchzeri (5/7)
Crocus vernus
Crocus vernus (5/8)
Deschampsia flexuosa
Deschampsia flexuosa (5/8)
Lloydia serotina
Lloydia serotina (5/8)
Trisetum flavescens
Trisetum flavescens (5/8)
Juncus bufonius
Juncus bufonius (5/8)
Crocus versicolor
Crocus versicolor (5/8)
Prospero elisae
Prospero elisae (5/9)
Poa minor
Poa minor (5/9)
Scilla bifolia
Scilla bifolia (5/9)
Barnardia japonica
Barnardia japonica (5/9)
Prospero autumnale
Prospero autumnale (5/9)
Tulipa gesneriana
Tulipa gesneriana (5/9)
Carex acuta
Carex acuta (5/9)
Anthericum ramosum
Anthericum ramosum (5/9)
Lepidium campestre
Lepidium campestre (5/9)
Aphyllanthes monspeliensis
Aphyllanthes monspeliensis (5/9)
Allium schoenoprasum
Allium schoenoprasum (5/10)
Festuca rubra
Festuca rubra (5/10)
Scilla peruviana
Scilla peruviana (5/10)
Acorus calamus
Acorus calamus (5/10)
Miscanthus sinensis
Miscanthus sinensis (5/10)
Gladiolus italicus
Gladiolus italicus (5/10)
Iris germanica
Iris germanica (5/10)
Eleocharis mamillata
Eleocharis mamillata (5/10)
Iris sibirica
Iris sibirica (5/10)
Allium paradoxum
Allium paradoxum (5/10)
Gladiolus palustris
Gladiolus palustris (5/10)
Allium vineale
Allium vineale (5/10)
Sporobolus heterolepis
Sporobolus heterolepis (5/10)
Gladiolus palustris
Gladiolus palustris (5/10)
Koeleria glauca
Koeleria glauca (5/10)
Gladiolus imbricatus
Gladiolus imbricatus (5/10)
Allium schoenoprasum
Allium schoenoprasum (5/10)
Sinapis arvensis
Sinapis arvensis (5/11)
Chasmanthium latifolium
Chasmanthium latifolium (5/11)
Brassica rapa
Brassica rapa (5/11)
Chenopodium glaucum
Chenopodium glaucum (5/11)
Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum
Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum (5/11)
Sisymbrium officinale
Sisymbrium officinale (5/11)
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium album (5/11)
Stratiotes aloides
Stratiotes aloides (5/11)
Salicornia europaea
Salicornia europaea (5/11)
Libertia chilensis
Libertia chilensis (5/11)
Dactylis glomerata
Dactylis glomerata (5/11)
Gypsophila muralis
Gypsophila muralis (5/12)
Carex nigra
Carex nigra (5/12)
Plantago lanceolata
Plantago lanceolata (5/12)
Eucharis amazonica
Eucharis amazonica (5/12)
Koeleria macrantha
Koeleria macrantha (5/12)
Eleocharis acicularis
Eleocharis acicularis (5/12)
Fagopyrum esculentum
Fagopyrum esculentum (5/12)
Iris pseudacorus
Iris pseudacorus (5/12)
Iris danfordiae
Iris danfordiae (5/12)
Salicornia europaea
Salicornia europaea (5/12)
Allium obliquum
Allium obliquum (5/12)
Allium scorodoprasum subsp. alpinum
Allium scorodoprasum subsp. alpinum (5/12)
Gypsophila elegans
Gypsophila elegans (5/12)
Allium flavum
Allium flavum (5/13)
Sparaxis tricolor
Sparaxis tricolor (5/13)
Iris ensata
Iris ensata (5/13)
Sisymbrium officinale
Sisymbrium officinale (5/13)
Dianthus armeria
Dianthus armeria (5/13)
Scilla litardierei
Scilla litardierei (5/13)
Anagallis tenella
Anagallis tenella (5/13)
Sisymbrium officinale
Sisymbrium officinale (5/13)
Melica nutans
Melica nutans (5/13)
Allium victorialis
Allium victorialis (5/13)
Camassia quamash
Camassia quamash (5/13)
Iris humilis subsp. arenaria
Iris humilis subsp. arenaria (5/13)
Dianthus barbatus
Dianthus barbatus (5/13)
Borago officinalis
Borago officinalis (5/13)
Tragopogon porrifolius
Tragopogon porrifolius (5/13)
Imperata cylindrica
Imperata cylindrica (5/13)
Gladiolus palustris
Gladiolus palustris (5/13)
Gladiolus murielae
Gladiolus murielae (5/13)
Cortaderia selloana
Cortaderia selloana (5/13)
Scilla siberica
Scilla siberica (5/13)
Atriplex hortensis
Atriplex hortensis (5/13)
Gladiolus illyricus
Gladiolus illyricus (5/14)
Urtica urens
Urtica urens (5/14)
Campanula rapunculus
Campanula rapunculus (5/14)
Lilium martagon
Lilium martagon (5/14)
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium album (5/14)
Allium carinatum subsp. carinatum
Allium carinatum subsp. carinatum (5/14)
Allium neapolitanum
Allium neapolitanum (5/14)
Muscari armeniacum
Muscari armeniacum (5/15)
Portulaca oleracea
Portulaca oleracea (5/15)
Bunias orientalis
Bunias orientalis (5/15)
Camassia quamash
Camassia quamash (5/15)
Baldellia ranunculoides
Baldellia ranunculoides (5/15)
Butomus umbellatus
Butomus umbellatus (5/15)
Allium ampeloprasum
Allium ampeloprasum (5/15)
Bromus erectus
Bromus erectus (5/15)
Poa minor
Poa minor (5/15)
Chenopodium album
Chenopodium album (5/15)
Sisymbrium officinale
Sisymbrium officinale (5/16)
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