- petunia exserta

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Further limit to taxa:Plantae SPERMATOPHYTA (Angiospermae) Dicotyledones Tubiflorae Solanaceae petunia petunia exserta Clear

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Petunia exserta
Petunia exserta (11/11)
Petunia × atkinsiana
Petunia × atkinsiana (11/12)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (11/13)
Petunia atkinsiana
Petunia atkinsiana (11/13)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (11/13)
Petunia × atkinsiana
Petunia × atkinsiana (11/13)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (11/13)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (11/13)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (11/14)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (11/14)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (11/14)
Calibrachoa hybrida
Calibrachoa hybrida (10/12)
Calibrachoa hybrida
Calibrachoa hybrida (10/12)
Iochroma australe
Iochroma australe (10/24)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (9/12)
Campanula erinus
Campanula erinus (9/13)
Petunia hybrida
Petunia hybrida (9/13)
Kohleria warszewiczii
Kohleria warszewiczii (9/15)
Streptocarpus (9/15)
Solandra grandiflora
Solandra grandiflora (9/15)
Streptocarpus saxorum
Streptocarpus saxorum (9/15)
Streptocarpus (9/16)
Streptocarpus (9/16)
Symphytum grandiflorum
Symphytum grandiflorum (9/18)
Lithospermum fruticosum
Lithospermum fruticosum (9/18)
Chirita tamiana
Chirita tamiana (9/18)
Symphytum bulbosum
Symphytum bulbosum (9/19)
Solanum melongena
Solanum melongena (9/22)
Proboscidea louisianica
Proboscidea louisianica (9/22)
Achimenes grandiflora
Achimenes grandiflora (8/10)
Amsonia ludoviciana
Amsonia ludoviciana (8/11)
Convolvulus sabatius
Convolvulus sabatius (8/11)
Achimenes skinneri
Achimenes skinneri (8/11)
Achimenes patens
Achimenes patens (8/12)
Mimulus bigelovii
Mimulus bigelovii (8/12)
Mimulus bigelovii
Mimulus bigelovii (8/12)
Mandevilla sanderi
Mandevilla sanderi (8/13)
Mandevilla x hybridum
Mandevilla x hybridum (8/13)
Achimenes longiflora
Achimenes longiflora (8/13)
Campanula alpina
Campanula alpina (8/13)
Nicotiana tabacum
Nicotiana tabacum (8/14)
Campanula spicata
Campanula spicata (8/14)
Mandevilla laxa
Mandevilla laxa (8/14)
Pinguicula alpina
Pinguicula alpina (8/15)
Lycopsis arvensis
Lycopsis arvensis (8/15)
Mimulus cardinalis
Mimulus cardinalis (8/16)
Campanula medium
Campanula medium (8/16)
Bartsia alpina
Bartsia alpina (8/16)
Pinguicula alpina
Pinguicula alpina (8/16)
Sinningia speciosa
Sinningia speciosa (8/17)
Symphytum tuberosum
Symphytum tuberosum (8/17)
Anchusa officinalis
Anchusa officinalis (8/17)
Pinguicula alpina
Pinguicula alpina (8/17)
Anchusa azurea
Anchusa azurea (8/18)
Sesamum indicum
Sesamum indicum (8/19)
Onosma echioides dalmatica
Onosma echioides dalmatica (8/20)
Echium vulgare
Echium vulgare (8/23)
Lonicera involucrata
Lonicera involucrata (8/24)
Amsonia tabernaemontana
Amsonia tabernaemontana (7/11)
Nicotiana rustica
Nicotiana rustica (7/11)
Mandevilla subsagittata
Mandevilla subsagittata (7/11)
Scopolia carniolica
Scopolia carniolica (7/11)
Mimulus mephiticus
Mimulus mephiticus (7/11)
Mimulus nanus
Mimulus nanus (7/12)
Campanula barbata
Campanula barbata (7/12)
Glandularia hybrida
Glandularia hybrida (7/12)
Valerianella olitoria
Valerianella olitoria (7/12)
Ipomoea coccinea
Ipomoea coccinea (7/12)
Valerianella olitoria
Valerianella olitoria (7/12)
Campanula alpestris
Campanula alpestris (7/12)
Mimulus lewisii
Mimulus lewisii (7/12)
Cephalocereus senilis
Cephalocereus senilis (7/12)
Campanula spicata
Campanula spicata (7/12)
Mammillaria spinosissima
Mammillaria spinosissima (7/13)
Convolvulus cantabrica
Convolvulus cantabrica (7/13)
Mammillaria meyranii
Mammillaria meyranii (7/13)
Cleistocactus strausii
Cleistocactus strausii (7/13)
Campanula thyrsoides
Campanula thyrsoides (7/13)
Mammillaria compressa
Mammillaria compressa (7/13)
Mimulus moschatus
Mimulus moschatus (7/13)
Mammillaria guelzowiana
Mammillaria guelzowiana (7/13)
Ipomea quamoclit
Ipomea quamoclit (7/14)
Campanula carpatica
Campanula carpatica (7/14)
Mammillaria hahniana
Mammillaria hahniana (7/14)
Anchusa officinalis
Anchusa officinalis (7/14)
Ipomoea hederifolia
Ipomoea hederifolia (7/14)
Echium vulgare
Echium vulgare (7/14)
Codonopsis lanceolata
Codonopsis lanceolata (7/15)
Sutera diffusus
Sutera diffusus (7/15)
Sutera diffusus
Sutera diffusus (7/15)
Campanula rapunculoides
Campanula rapunculoides (7/15)
Campanula alliariifolia
Campanula alliariifolia (7/15)
Campanula glomerata
Campanula glomerata (7/15)
Mimulus aurantiacus
Mimulus aurantiacus (7/15)
Campanula medium f. alba
Campanula medium f. alba (7/15)
Campanula glomerata
Campanula glomerata (7/15)
Codonopsis pilosula
Codonopsis pilosula (7/15)
Nicandra physalodes
Nicandra physalodes (7/15)
Codonopsis ussuriensis
Codonopsis ussuriensis (7/15)
Espostoa lanata
Espostoa lanata (7/16)
Campanula hofmannii
Campanula hofmannii (7/16)
Symphytum tuberosum
Symphytum tuberosum (7/16)
Stephanotis floribunda
Stephanotis floribunda (7/16)
Campanula cervicaria
Campanula cervicaria (7/16)
Calamintha sylvatica
Calamintha sylvatica (7/16)
Datura inoxia
Datura inoxia (7/17)
Jaltomata procumbens
Jaltomata procumbens (7/17)
Thevetia peruviana
Thevetia peruviana (7/17)
Digitalis grandiflora
Digitalis grandiflora (7/17)
Althaea taurinensis
Althaea taurinensis (7/18)
Rehmannia elata
Rehmannia elata (7/18)
Argyreia sericea
Argyreia sericea (7/18)
Myosotis sylvatica
Myosotis sylvatica (7/18)
Ipomoea purpurea
Ipomoea purpurea (7/18)
Penstemon fruticosus
Penstemon fruticosus (7/18)
Digitalis lutea
Digitalis lutea (7/18)
Myosotis decumbens
Myosotis decumbens (7/19)
Convolvulus cantabrica
Convolvulus cantabrica (7/19)
Haberlea rhodopensis
Haberlea rhodopensis (7/19)
Althaea hirsuta
Althaea hirsuta (7/20)
Ipomoea tricolor
Ipomoea tricolor (7/20)
Lagenaria siceraria
Lagenaria siceraria (7/20)
Argyreia nervosa
Argyreia nervosa (7/21)
Ajuga chamaepitys
Ajuga chamaepitys (7/21)
Solanum citrullifolium
Solanum citrullifolium (7/21)
Sechium edule
Sechium edule (7/21)
Agalinis purpurea
Agalinis purpurea (7/22)
Lonicera nitida
Lonicera nitida (7/22)
Ipomoea batatas
Ipomoea batatas (7/22)
Arbutus unedo
Arbutus unedo (7/22)
Solanum rostratum
Solanum rostratum (7/22)
Acinos arvensis
Acinos arvensis (7/23)
Ipomoea lobata
Ipomoea lobata (7/23)
Origanum hirtum
Origanum hirtum (7/23)
Gentiana clusii
Gentiana clusii (6/8)
Gentiana dinarica
Gentiana dinarica (6/8)
Gentiana froelichii
Gentiana froelichii (6/8)
Gentiana septemfida var. lagodechiana
Gentiana septemfida var. lagodechiana (6/9)
Pulmonaria australis
Pulmonaria australis (6/9)
Scopolia carniolica var. hladnikiana
Scopolia carniolica var. hladnikiana (6/9)
Lithospermum arvense
Lithospermum arvense (6/10)
Gentiana verna
Gentiana verna (6/10)
Valerianella carinata
Valerianella carinata (6/10)
Legousia speculum-veneris
Legousia speculum-veneris (6/10)
Atropa belladonna
Atropa belladonna (6/10)
Gentiana verna
Gentiana verna (6/10)
Brugmansia x candida
Brugmansia x candida (6/10)
Brugmansia aurea
Brugmansia aurea (6/10)
Gentiana pneumonanthe
Gentiana pneumonanthe (6/10)
Cerastium vulgatum
Cerastium vulgatum (6/10)
Campanula glomerata subsp. farinosa
Campanula glomerata subsp. farinosa (6/10)
Echinopsis oxygona
Echinopsis oxygona (6/10)
Gentiana clusii
Gentiana clusii (6/11)
Glandularia hybrida
Glandularia hybrida (6/11)
Rebutia minuscula
Rebutia minuscula (6/11)
Coryphantha elephantidens
Coryphantha elephantidens (6/11)
Pinguicula vulgaris
Pinguicula vulgaris (6/11)
Rebutia senilis
Rebutia senilis (6/11)
Campanula patula
Campanula patula (6/11)
Gentiana septemfida
Gentiana septemfida (6/11)
Campanula thyrsoides
Campanula thyrsoides (6/11)
Rebutia minuscula
Rebutia minuscula (6/11)
Myosotis discolor
Myosotis discolor (6/11)
Myosotis alpestris
Myosotis alpestris (6/11)
Campanula barbata
Campanula barbata (6/11)
Rebutia fiebrigii
Rebutia fiebrigii (6/12)
Calystegia silvatica
Calystegia silvatica (6/12)
Melocactus matanzanus
Melocactus matanzanus (6/12)
Cylindropuntia imbricata
Cylindropuntia imbricata (6/12)
Convolvulus arvensis
Convolvulus arvensis (6/12)
Gentiana septemfida
Gentiana septemfida (6/12)
Escobaria sneedii
Escobaria sneedii (6/12)
Mammillaria melaleuca
Mammillaria melaleuca (6/12)
Parodia chrysacanthion
Parodia chrysacanthion (6/12)
Campanula trachelium
Campanula trachelium (6/12)
Verbascum densiflorum
Verbascum densiflorum (6/12)
Pediocactus paradinei
Pediocactus paradinei (6/12)
Mammillaria matudae
Mammillaria matudae (6/12)
Cestrum diurnum
Cestrum diurnum (6/12)
Selenicereus pteranthus
Selenicereus pteranthus (6/12)
Phacelia tanacetifolia
Phacelia tanacetifolia (6/12)
Echinopsis candicans
Echinopsis candicans (6/12)
Veronica hederifolia
Veronica hederifolia (6/12)
Turbinicarpus saueri
Turbinicarpus saueri (6/12)
Stenocactus phyllacanthus
Stenocactus phyllacanthus (6/12)
Echinocereus viridiflorus
Echinocereus viridiflorus (6/12)
Campanula thyrsoides
Campanula thyrsoides (6/12)
Diascia denticulata
Diascia denticulata (6/12)
Campanula patula
Campanula patula (6/12)
Echium vulgare
Echium vulgare (6/12)
Jasione montana
Jasione montana (6/12)
Blossfeldia liliputana
Blossfeldia liliputana (6/12)
Achimenes erecta
Achimenes erecta (6/12)
Helianthemum alpestre
Helianthemum alpestre (6/12)
Mammillaria rhodantha
Mammillaria rhodantha (6/12)
Astrophytum ornatum
Astrophytum ornatum (6/13)
Gentiana sino-ornata
Gentiana sino-ornata (6/13)
Veronica spicata subsp. barrelieri
Veronica spicata subsp. barrelieri (6/13)
Pediomelum esculentum
Pediomelum esculentum (6/13)
Gentiana asclepiadea
Gentiana asclepiadea (6/13)
Convolvulus arvensis
Convolvulus arvensis (6/13)
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