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Crocus (6/6)
Crocus korolkowii
Crocus korolkowii (6/6)
Crocus weldenii
Crocus weldenii (6/6)
Crocus minimus
Crocus minimus (6/6)
Crocus sieberi
Crocus sieberi (6/6)
Crocus sieberi subsp. sublimis
Crocus sieberi subsp. sublimis (6/6)
Crocus aureus
Crocus aureus (6/6)
Crocus cartwrightianus
Crocus cartwrightianus (6/7)
Crocus kotschyanus
Crocus kotschyanus (6/7)
Crocus flavus
Crocus flavus (6/7)
Crocus reticulatus
Crocus reticulatus (6/7)
Crocus reticulatus
Crocus reticulatus (6/7)
Crocus ligusticus
Crocus ligusticus (6/7)
Crocus cartwrightianus
Crocus cartwrightianus (6/8)
Crocus tommasinianus
Crocus tommasinianus (6/8)
Crocus ancyrensis
Crocus ancyrensis (6/8)
Tigridia vanhouttei
Tigridia vanhouttei (6/9)
Crocus banaticus
Crocus banaticus (6/9)
Crocus speciosus
Crocus speciosus (6/9)
Crocus vernus subsp. albiflorus
Crocus vernus subsp. albiflorus (6/9)
Crocus napolitanus
Crocus napolitanus (6/9)
Crocus pulchellus
Crocus pulchellus (6/9)
Crocosmia x curtonus
Crocosmia x curtonus (6/10)
Herbertia lahue
Herbertia lahue (6/10)
Tigridia pavonia
Tigridia pavonia (6/11)
Tigridia pavonia
Tigridia pavonia (6/11)
Crocosmia aurea
Crocosmia aurea (6/12)
Crocosmia paniculata
Crocosmia paniculata (6/17)
Crocus (5/5)
Narcissus minor
Narcissus minor (5/6)
Crocus imperati
Crocus imperati (5/6)
Narcissus geranium
Narcissus geranium (5/6)
Narcissus jonquilla
Narcissus jonquilla (5/6)
Narcissus requienii
Narcissus requienii (5/6)
Narcissus tazetta
Narcissus tazetta (5/6)
Narcissus tazetta
Narcissus tazetta (5/6)
Allium christophii
Allium christophii (5/7)
Tulipa turkestanica
Tulipa turkestanica (5/8)
Tulipa orphanidea
Tulipa orphanidea (5/8)
Tulipa linifolia
Tulipa linifolia (5/8)
Tulipa linifolia
Tulipa linifolia (5/8)
Tulipa praestans
Tulipa praestans (5/8)
Crocosmia masonorum
Crocosmia masonorum (5/8)
Crocus sativus
Crocus sativus (5/8)
Amana edulis
Amana edulis (5/8)
Allium denudatum
Allium denudatum (5/9)
Allium oleraceum
Allium oleraceum (5/9)
Hyacinthus orientalis
Hyacinthus orientalis (5/9)
Tulipa fosteriana
Tulipa fosteriana (5/9)
Narcissus bulbocodium
Narcissus bulbocodium (5/9)
Crocosmia x curtonus
Crocosmia x curtonus (5/9)
Crocus versicolor
Crocus versicolor (5/9)
Tulipa tarda
Tulipa tarda (5/10)
Gladiolus italicus
Gladiolus italicus (5/10)
Zigadenus elegans
Zigadenus elegans (5/10)
Anticlea elegans
Anticlea elegans (5/10)
Lapageria rosea
Lapageria rosea (5/10)
Tulipa kaufmanniana
Tulipa kaufmanniana (5/10)
Amianthium muscaetoxicum
Amianthium muscaetoxicum (5/10)
Gladiolus imbricatus
Gladiolus imbricatus (5/10)
Tulipa saxatilis
Tulipa saxatilis (5/10)
Tulipa saxatilis var. bakeri
Tulipa saxatilis var. bakeri (5/10)
Sternbergia lutea
Sternbergia lutea (5/10)
Belamcanda chinensis
Belamcanda chinensis (5/10)
Belamcanda chinensis
Belamcanda chinensis (5/10)
Lilium bulbiferum
Lilium bulbiferum (5/10)
Tulipa clusiana
Tulipa clusiana (5/10)
Alstroemeria aurea
Alstroemeria aurea (5/10)
Tulipa sylvestris
Tulipa sylvestris (5/10)
Narcissus radiiflorus
Narcissus radiiflorus (5/10)
Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha
Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha (5/10)
Gladiolus palustris
Gladiolus palustris (5/10)
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium longiflorum (5/11)
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium longiflorum (5/11)
Allium christophii
Allium christophii (5/11)
Hosta undulata
Hosta undulata (5/11)
Amarine (5/11)
Allium siculum
Allium siculum (5/11)
Hyacinthus orientalis
Hyacinthus orientalis (5/11)
Allium globosum
Allium globosum (5/12)
Sisyrinchium montanum
Sisyrinchium montanum (5/12)
Sisyrinchium micranthum
Sisyrinchium micranthum (5/12)
Hosta sieboldiana
Hosta sieboldiana (5/12)
Hosta fortunei
Hosta fortunei (5/12)
Triteleia hyacinthina
Triteleia hyacinthina (5/12)
Triteleia ixioides
Triteleia ixioides (5/13)
Gladiolus palustris
Gladiolus palustris (5/13)
Erythronium rostratum
Erythronium rostratum (5/13)
Hyacinthoides x massartiana
Hyacinthoides x massartiana (5/13)
Camassia leichtlinii
Camassia leichtlinii (5/13)
Allium giganteum
Allium giganteum (5/13)
Camassia quamash
Camassia quamash (5/13)
Gladiolus murielae
Gladiolus murielae (5/13)
Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Hyacinthoides non-scripta (5/13)
Liriope spicata
Liriope spicata (5/13)
Ixiolirion tataricum
Ixiolirion tataricum (5/14)
Hyacinthoides hispanica
Hyacinthoides hispanica (5/14)
Allium moly
Allium moly (5/14)
Lilium candidum
Lilium candidum (5/14)
Agapanthus africanus
Agapanthus africanus (5/14)
Liriope muscari
Liriope muscari (5/14)
Gladiolus illyricus
Gladiolus illyricus (5/14)
Tristagma uniflorum
Tristagma uniflorum (5/14)
Hosta plantaginea
Hosta plantaginea (5/14)
Tristagma uniflorum
Tristagma uniflorum (5/14)
Erythronium albidum
Erythronium albidum (5/15)
Erythronium americanum
Erythronium americanum (5/15)
Camassia quamash
Camassia quamash (5/15)
Hosta ventricosa
Hosta ventricosa (5/15)
Allium ampeloprasum
Allium ampeloprasum (5/15)
Aletris farinosa
Aletris farinosa (5/16)
Triteleia laxa
Triteleia laxa (5/16)
Ophiopogon planiscapus
Ophiopogon planiscapus (5/16)
Tulbaghia violacea
Tulbaghia violacea (5/16)
Ophiopogon japonicus
Ophiopogon japonicus (5/16)
Yucca filamentosa
Yucca filamentosa (5/17)
Triteleia grandiflora
Triteleia grandiflora (5/17)
Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Narcissus pseudonarcissus (4/5)
Chionodoxa luciliae
Chionodoxa luciliae (4/6)
Iris xiphium
Iris xiphium (4/6)
Isolepis cernua
Isolepis cernua (4/7)
Tulipa (4/7)
Iris graminea
Iris graminea (4/7)
Ornithogalum pyramidale
Ornithogalum pyramidale (4/7)
Gagea lutea
Gagea lutea (4/7)
Bellevalia dubia
Bellevalia dubia (4/7)
Ornithogalum refractum
Ornithogalum refractum (4/7)
Veratrum album subsp. lobelianum
Veratrum album subsp. lobelianum (4/7)
Tulipa (4/7)
Ornithogalum umbellatum
Ornithogalum umbellatum (4/7)
Sisyrinchium striatum
Sisyrinchium striatum (4/7)
Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum autumnale (4/7)
Pancratium maritimum
Pancratium maritimum (4/7)
Ornithogalum umbellatum
Ornithogalum umbellatum (4/8)
Lilium bulbiferum
Lilium bulbiferum (4/8)
Lilium tsingtauense
Lilium tsingtauense (4/8)
Lloydia serotina
Lloydia serotina (4/8)
Chlorophytum comosum
Chlorophytum comosum (4/8)
Crocus vernus
Crocus vernus (4/8)
Lilium bulbiferum
Lilium bulbiferum (4/8)
Tofieldia calyculata
Tofieldia calyculata (4/8)
Disporum flavens
Disporum flavens (4/9)
Veratrum album
Veratrum album (4/9)
Anthericum ramosum
Anthericum ramosum (4/9)
Prospero elisae
Prospero elisae (4/9)
Aphyllanthes monspeliensis
Aphyllanthes monspeliensis (4/9)
Allium ursinum
Allium ursinum (4/9)
Prospero autumnale
Prospero autumnale (4/9)
Allium ursinum
Allium ursinum (4/9)
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium longiflorum (4/9)
Allium ursinum
Allium ursinum (4/9)
Lilium bulbiferum subsp. croceum
Lilium bulbiferum subsp. croceum (4/9)
Allium ericetorum
Allium ericetorum (4/9)
Albuca spiralis
Albuca spiralis (4/9)
Allium tuberosum
Allium tuberosum (4/9)
Tofieldia calyculata
Tofieldia calyculata (4/9)
Ruscus hypoglossum
Ruscus hypoglossum (4/9)
Orchis italica
Orchis italica (4/9)
Scilla bifolia
Scilla bifolia (4/9)
Dianthus (4/10)
Lilium speciosum
Lilium speciosum (4/10)
Lilium auratum
Lilium auratum (4/10)
Scilla peruviana
Scilla peruviana (4/10)
Gladiolus palustris
Gladiolus palustris (4/10)
Tulipa humilis
Tulipa humilis (4/10)
Allium paradoxum
Allium paradoxum (4/10)
Galanthus nivalis
Galanthus nivalis (4/10)
Galanthus nivalis
Galanthus nivalis (4/10)
Fritillaria drenovskii
Fritillaria drenovskii (4/10)
Lilium longiflorum
Lilium longiflorum (4/10)
Orchis ustulata
Orchis ustulata (4/10)
Hesperaloe parviflora
Hesperaloe parviflora (4/10)
Miscanthus sinensis
Miscanthus sinensis (4/11)
Lilium speciosum
Lilium speciosum (4/11)
Luzula campestris
Luzula campestris (4/11)
Tricyrtis hirta
Tricyrtis hirta (4/11)
Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum
Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum (4/11)
Muscari neglectum
Muscari neglectum (4/11)
Chasmanthium latifolium
Chasmanthium latifolium (4/11)
Tradescantia navicularis
Tradescantia navicularis (4/11)
Muscari aucheri
Muscari aucheri (4/11)
Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon gerardii (4/12)
Asphodeline lutea
Asphodeline lutea (4/12)
Cyperus glomeratus
Cyperus glomeratus (4/12)
Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon gerardii (4/12)
Erythronium dens-canis
Erythronium dens-canis (4/12)
Eucharis amazonica
Eucharis amazonica (4/12)
Leptotes bicolor
Leptotes bicolor (4/12)
Festuca mairei
Festuca mairei (4/12)
Allium obliquum
Allium obliquum (4/12)
Allium victorialis
Allium victorialis (4/13)
Asphodelus aestivus
Asphodelus aestivus (4/13)
Liatris spicata
Liatris spicata (4/13)
Scilla siberica
Scilla siberica (4/13)
Sparaxis tricolor
Sparaxis tricolor (4/13)
Allium flavum
Allium flavum (4/13)
Scilla litardierei
Scilla litardierei (4/13)
Lychnis viscaria
Lychnis viscaria (4/14)
Iris variegata
Iris variegata (4/14)
Hedychium coccineum
Hedychium coccineum (4/14)
Allium carinatum subsp. carinatum
Allium carinatum subsp. carinatum (4/14)
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