- Leptodirus hochenwartii

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Further limit to taxa:Animalia Arthropoda Hexapoda Insecta Pterygota Coleoptera Polyphaga Staphyliniformia Staphylinoidea Leiodidae Cholevinae Leptodirini Leptodirina Leptodirus Leptodirus hochenwartii Clear

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Leptodirus hochenwartii
Leptodirus hochenwartii (4/4)
Aphthona flava
Aphthona flava (2/4)
Euphorbia chamaesyce
Euphorbia chamaesyce (1/2)
Funaria hygrometrica
Funaria hygrometrica (1/3)
Eurhynchium angustirete
Eurhynchium angustirete (1/3)
Metzgeria furcata
Metzgeria furcata (1/3)
Rhizomnium (1/3)
Jungermannia hyalina
Jungermannia hyalina (1/3)
Sphagnum capillifolium
Sphagnum capillifolium (1/3)
Sphagnum girgensohnii
Sphagnum girgensohnii (1/3)
Rhizomnium glabrescens
Rhizomnium glabrescens (1/3)
Pseudoscleropodium purum
Pseudoscleropodium purum (1/3)
Grimmia pulvinata
Grimmia pulvinata (1/3)
Rhodobryum roseum
Rhodobryum roseum (1/3)
Neckera crispa
Neckera crispa (1/3)
Rhizomnium punctatum
Rhizomnium punctatum (1/3)
Anagallis foemina
Anagallis foemina (1/3)
Grimmia pulvinata
Grimmia pulvinata (1/3)
Polygonum mite
Polygonum mite (1/3)
Mylia taylori
Mylia taylori (1/3)
Anomodon viticulosus
Anomodon viticulosus (1/3)
Rumex nivalis
Rumex nivalis (1/3)
Isothecium alopecuroides
Isothecium alopecuroides (1/3)
Ulota crispa
Ulota crispa (1/3)
Rhizomnium pseudopunctatum
Rhizomnium pseudopunctatum (1/3)
Fissidens taxifolius
Fissidens taxifolius (1/3)
Dicranella heteromalla
Dicranella heteromalla (1/3)
Euphorbia humifusa
Euphorbia humifusa (1/3)
Biscutella laevigata
Biscutella laevigata (1/3)
Biscutella laevigata
Biscutella laevigata (1/3)
Anomodon attenuatus
Anomodon attenuatus (1/3)
Thlaspi praecox
Thlaspi praecox (1/4)
Arabis turrita
Arabis turrita (1/4)
Tortula muralis var. muralis
Tortula muralis var. muralis (1/4)
Euphorbia helioscopia
Euphorbia helioscopia (1/4)
Veratrum album subsp. lobelianum
Veratrum album subsp. lobelianum (1/4)
Erysimum comatum
Erysimum comatum (1/4)
Euphorbia helioscopia
Euphorbia helioscopia (1/4)
Viola zoysii
Viola zoysii (1/4)
Cerastium carinthiacum
Cerastium carinthiacum (1/4)
Holosteum umbellatum
Holosteum umbellatum (1/4)
Euphorbia triflora
Euphorbia triflora (1/4)
Anagallis arvensis
Anagallis arvensis (1/4)
Linum julicum
Linum julicum (1/4)
Paronychia kapela subsp. serpyllifolia
Paronychia kapela subsp. serpyllifolia (1/4)
Primula hortensis
Primula hortensis (1/4)
Cerastium carinthiacum
Cerastium carinthiacum (1/4)
Silene vulgaris subsp. glareosa
Silene vulgaris subsp. glareosa (1/4)
Persicaria minor
Persicaria minor (1/4)
Fontinalis antipyretica
Fontinalis antipyretica (1/4)
Potentilla clusiana
Potentilla clusiana (1/4)
Thlaspi cepeaefolium subsp. rotundifolium
Thlaspi cepeaefolium subsp. rotundifolium (1/4)
Minuartia sedoides
Minuartia sedoides (1/4)
Helianthemum (1/4)
Hypnum cupressiforme
Hypnum cupressiforme (1/4)
Linum maritimum
Linum maritimum (1/4)
Polygala comosa
Polygala comosa (1/4)
Polytrichum commune
Polytrichum commune (1/4)
Tortula muralis var. muralis
Tortula muralis var. muralis (1/4)
Polytrichum (1/4)
Epilobium nutans
Epilobium nutans (1/4)
Triglochin palustre
Triglochin palustre (1/4)
Iberis linifolia
Iberis linifolia (1/4)
Fumana procumbens
Fumana procumbens (1/4)
Arabis vochinensis
Arabis vochinensis (1/4)
Trifolium pallescens
Trifolium pallescens (1/4)
Crocus vernus albiflorus
Crocus vernus albiflorus (1/4)
Minuartia cherlerioides
Minuartia cherlerioides (1/4)
Dianthus tergestinus
Dianthus tergestinus (1/4)
Apometzgeria pubescens
Apometzgeria pubescens (1/4)
Iris cengialti f. vochinensis
Iris cengialti f. vochinensis (1/4)
Arabis (1/4)
Minuartia glaucina
Minuartia glaucina (1/4)
Anagallis arvensis
Anagallis arvensis (1/4)
Arenaria ciliata
Arenaria ciliata (1/4)
Cardamine resedifolia
Cardamine resedifolia (1/5)
Heliosperma pusillum subsp. pusillum
Heliosperma pusillum subsp. pusillum (1/5)
Minuartia sedoides
Minuartia sedoides (1/5)
Saxifraga sedoides
Saxifraga sedoides (1/5)
Trifolium angustifolium
Trifolium angustifolium (1/5)
Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Narcissus pseudonarcissus (1/5)
Cardamine (1/5)
Cardamine bulbifera
Cardamine bulbifera (1/5)
Aurinia sinuata
Aurinia sinuata (1/5)
Trifolium angustifolium
Trifolium angustifolium (1/5)
Paeonia obovata
Paeonia obovata (1/5)
Linum narbonense
Linum narbonense (1/5)
Pseudomuscari azureum
Pseudomuscari azureum (1/5)
Holosteum umbellatum
Holosteum umbellatum (1/5)
Arabis turrita
Arabis turrita (1/5)
Muscari tenuiflorum
Muscari tenuiflorum (1/5)
Saxifraga sedoides
Saxifraga sedoides (1/5)
Carex davalliana
Carex davalliana (1/5)
Nuphar luteum
Nuphar luteum (1/5)
Grevillea rosmarinifolia
Grevillea rosmarinifolia (1/5)
Paeonia baxteri
Paeonia baxteri (1/5)
Erysimum sylvestre
Erysimum sylvestre (1/5)
Paris quadrifolia
Paris quadrifolia (1/5)
Gagea stenopetala
Gagea stenopetala (1/5)
Crocus (1/5)
Arabis turrita
Arabis turrita (1/5)
Polygonum mite
Polygonum mite (1/5)
Cerastium carinthiacum
Cerastium carinthiacum (1/5)
Euphorbia peplus
Euphorbia peplus (1/5)
Chamaecytisus purpureus
Chamaecytisus purpureus (1/5)
Dorycnium herbaceum
Dorycnium herbaceum (1/5)
Draba aspera
Draba aspera (1/5)
Linum maritimum
Linum maritimum (1/5)
Lathyrus nissolia
Lathyrus nissolia (1/5)
Silene otites
Silene otites (1/5)
Viola palustris
Viola palustris (1/5)
Draba aizoides
Draba aizoides (1/5)
Alyssoides utriculata
Alyssoides utriculata (1/5)
Lychnis alpina
Lychnis alpina (1/5)
Trientalis borealis
Trientalis borealis (1/5)
Trientalis europaea
Trientalis europaea (1/5)
Sisyrinchium bermudiana
Sisyrinchium bermudiana (1/5)
Aphanes arvensis
Aphanes arvensis (1/5)
Alyssum ovirense
Alyssum ovirense (1/5)
Lysimachia vulgaris
Lysimachia vulgaris (1/5)
Helianthemum grandiflorum
Helianthemum grandiflorum (1/5)
Chenopodium polyspermum
Chenopodium polyspermum (1/5)
Silene vulgaris subsp. glareosa
Silene vulgaris subsp. glareosa (1/5)
Bupleurum petraeum
Bupleurum petraeum (1/5)
Cardamine amara
Cardamine amara (1/5)
Cerastium carinthiacum
Cerastium carinthiacum (1/5)
Exochorda × macrantha
Exochorda × macrantha (1/5)
Gentiana lutea subsp. symphyandra
Gentiana lutea subsp. symphyandra (1/5)
Stellaria graminea
Stellaria graminea (1/5)
Cerastium carinthiacum
Cerastium carinthiacum (1/5)
Stellaria neglecta
Stellaria neglecta (1/5)
Bellevalia paradoxa
Bellevalia paradoxa (1/5)
Paris quadrifolia
Paris quadrifolia (1/5)
Minuartia sedoides
Minuartia sedoides (1/5)
Euphorbia verrucosa
Euphorbia verrucosa (1/5)
Epilobium collinum
Epilobium collinum (1/5)
Alyssum repens
Alyssum repens (1/5)
Spinacia oleracea
Spinacia oleracea (1/5)
Polytrichum attenuatum
Polytrichum attenuatum (1/5)
Ferulago campestris
Ferulago campestris (1/5)
Coeloglossum viride
Coeloglossum viride (1/5)
Sarracenia purpurea
Sarracenia purpurea (1/5)
Astrantia bavarica
Astrantia bavarica (1/5)
Euphorbia angulata
Euphorbia angulata (1/5)
Ornithogalum umbellatum
Ornithogalum umbellatum (1/5)
Luzula luzuloides
Luzula luzuloides (1/5)
Potentilla rupestris
Potentilla rupestris (1/5)
Arabis (1/5)
Mercurialis perennis
Mercurialis perennis (1/5)
Medicago prostrata
Medicago prostrata (1/5)
Phlox paniculata
Phlox paniculata (1/5)
Carex lowei
Carex lowei (1/5)
Rumex scutatus
Rumex scutatus (1/5)
Juncus jacquinii
Juncus jacquinii (1/5)
Exochorda × macrantha
Exochorda × macrantha (1/5)
Androsace helvetica
Androsace helvetica (1/5)
Carex remota
Carex remota (1/5)
Moehringia ciliata
Moehringia ciliata (1/5)
Gentiana (1/5)
Ornithogalum sphaerocarpum
Ornithogalum sphaerocarpum (1/6)
Potentilla brauneana
Potentilla brauneana (1/6)
Paradisea liliastrum
Paradisea liliastrum (1/6)
Paradisea liliastrum
Paradisea liliastrum (1/6)
Impatiens noli-tangere
Impatiens noli-tangere (1/6)
Rhynchospora alba
Rhynchospora alba (1/6)
Centaurea uniflora subsp. nervosa
Centaurea uniflora subsp. nervosa (1/6)
Iris pumila
Iris pumila (1/6)
Narcissus jonquilla
Narcissus jonquilla (1/6)
Cardaria draba
Cardaria draba (1/6)
Mecardonia procumbens
Mecardonia procumbens (1/6)
Euphorbia nicaeensis
Euphorbia nicaeensis (1/6)
Scleranthus perennis
Scleranthus perennis (1/6)
Sesleria heufleriana
Sesleria heufleriana (1/6)
Triglochin maritimum
Triglochin maritimum (1/6)
Helianthemum (1/6)
Narcissus geranium
Narcissus geranium (1/6)
Veratrum album
Veratrum album (1/6)
Trifolium badium
Trifolium badium (1/6)
Vriesea splendens
Vriesea splendens (1/6)
Narcissus requienii
Narcissus requienii (1/6)
Polygala amara
Polygala amara (1/6)
Cirsium helenioides
Cirsium helenioides (1/6)
Crocus (1/6)
Centaurea uniflora
Centaurea uniflora (1/6)
Stellaria nemorum
Stellaria nemorum (1/6)
Thuidium delicatulum
Thuidium delicatulum (1/6)
Juncus monanthos
Juncus monanthos (1/6)
Sesleria sadlerana
Sesleria sadlerana (1/6)
Viola howellii
Viola howellii (1/6)
Nuphar luteum
Nuphar luteum (1/6)
Anacamptis pyramidalis
Anacamptis pyramidalis (1/6)
Paradisea liliastrum
Paradisea liliastrum (1/6)
Alyssum idaeum
Alyssum idaeum (1/6)
Dimorphotheca pluvialis
Dimorphotheca pluvialis (1/6)
Biscutella laevigata
Biscutella laevigata (1/6)
Orchis tridentata
Orchis tridentata (1/6)
Narcissus tazetta
Narcissus tazetta (1/6)
Sagina procumbens
Sagina procumbens (1/6)
Paris quadrifolia
Paris quadrifolia (1/6)
Crocus aureus
Crocus aureus (1/6)
Cuscuta epilinum
Cuscuta epilinum (1/6)
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