- Acer campestre

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Acer campestre
Acer campestre (15/15)
Acer pseudoplatanus
Acer pseudoplatanus (15/15)
Acer platanoides
Acer platanoides (14/14)
Acer japonicum
Acer japonicum (13/14)
Acer saccharinum
Acer saccharinum (13/14)
Acer tataricum
Acer tataricum (13/15)
Acer rubrum
Acer rubrum (13/16)
Acer palmatum
Acer palmatum (13/16)
Acer palmatum
Acer palmatum (13/21)
Acer cappadocicum
Acer cappadocicum (12/14)
Acer buergerianum
Acer buergerianum (12/14)
Acer negundo
Acer negundo (12/14)
Acer saccharum
Acer saccharum (12/15)
Acer barbinerve
Acer barbinerve (12/15)
Acer carpinifolium
Acer carpinifolium (12/15)
Acer ginnala
Acer ginnala (11/13)
Acer capillipes
Acer capillipes (11/15)
Sorbus aucuparia
Sorbus aucuparia (11/16)
Zanthoxylum schinifolium
Zanthoxylum schinifolium (11/20)
Acer griseum
Acer griseum (10/11)
Zelkova carpinifolia
Zelkova carpinifolia (10/12)
Euonymus europaeus
Euonymus europaeus (10/12)
Acer shirasawanum
Acer shirasawanum (10/13)
Crataegus monogyna
Crataegus monogyna (10/15)
Tilia cordata
Tilia cordata (10/16)
Euonymus fortunei
Euonymus fortunei (10/17)
Sorbus torminalis
Sorbus torminalis (10/17)
Tilia cordata
Tilia cordata (10/17)
Veronica speciosa
Veronica speciosa (10/17)
Zanthoxylum americanum
Zanthoxylum americanum (10/19)
Parthenocissus tricuspidata
Parthenocissus tricuspidata (10/21)
Acer obtusatum
Acer obtusatum (9/9)
Ulmus minor
Ulmus minor (9/10)
Ulmus glabra
Ulmus glabra (9/12)
Zelkova serrata
Zelkova serrata (9/12)
Acer monspessulanum
Acer monspessulanum (9/12)
Toxicodendron vernix
Toxicodendron vernix (9/12)
Zelkova serrata
Zelkova serrata (9/12)
Sorbus torminalis
Sorbus torminalis (9/13)
Ulmus glabra
Ulmus glabra (9/13)
Ambrosia artemisiifolia
Ambrosia artemisiifolia (9/14)
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Parthenocissus quinquefolia (9/15)
Quercus pubescens
Quercus pubescens (9/15)
Ficus carica
Ficus carica (9/15)
Alnus japonica
Alnus japonica (9/16)
Salix eleagnos
Salix eleagnos (9/16)
Parthenocissus tricuspidata
Parthenocissus tricuspidata (9/19)
Cissus rhombifolia
Cissus rhombifolia (9/20)
Populus alba
Populus alba (8/10)
Cotinus coggygria
Cotinus coggygria (8/10)
Toxicodendron pubescens
Toxicodendron pubescens (8/11)
Sorbus aria
Sorbus aria (8/11)
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Metasequoia glyptostroboides (8/11)
Liquidambar styraciflua
Liquidambar styraciflua (8/11)
Austrocedrus chilensis
Austrocedrus chilensis (8/11)
Knautia arvensis
Knautia arvensis (8/12)
Celtis occidentalis
Celtis occidentalis (8/12)
Fontanesia fortunei
Fontanesia fortunei (8/12)
Liriodendron tulipifera
Liriodendron tulipifera (8/13)
Phillyrea latifolia
Phillyrea latifolia (8/13)
Phillyrea latifolia
Phillyrea latifolia (8/13)
Ulmus pumila
Ulmus pumila (8/13)
Cornus mas
Cornus mas (8/13)
Ulmus parvifolia
Ulmus parvifolia (8/14)
Juglans cinerea
Juglans cinerea (8/14)
Salix daphnoides
Salix daphnoides (8/14)
Quercus falcata
Quercus falcata (8/15)
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Parthenocissus quinquefolia (8/15)
Salix fragilis
Salix fragilis (8/15)
Geum urbanum
Geum urbanum (8/15)
Salix purpurea
Salix purpurea (8/15)
Quercus pubescens
Quercus pubescens (8/15)
Berberis thunbergii var. atropurpurea
Berberis thunbergii var. atropurpurea (8/15)
Prunus x cistena
Prunus x cistena (8/15)
Ruta graveolens
Ruta graveolens (8/16)
Ruta graveolens
Ruta graveolens (8/16)
Berberis vulgaris var. atropurpurea
Berberis vulgaris var. atropurpurea (8/17)
Cissus antarctica
Cissus antarctica (8/18)
Rhoicissus rhomboidea
Rhoicissus rhomboidea (8/18)
Pteroceltis tatarinowii
Pteroceltis tatarinowii (8/19)
Begonia luxurians
Begonia luxurians (8/20)
Cissus striata
Cissus striata (8/20)
Larix kaempferi
Larix kaempferi (7/9)
Ulmus alata
Ulmus alata (7/9)
Abies grandis
Abies grandis (7/10)
Lavandula angustifolia
Lavandula angustifolia (7/10)
Abies nordmanniana
Abies nordmanniana (7/10)
Abies alba
Abies alba (7/10)
Abies alba
Abies alba (7/10)
Spartium junceum
Spartium junceum (7/10)
Celtis australis
Celtis australis (7/10)
Laburnum alpinum
Laburnum alpinum (7/11)
Chamaecyparis pisifera
Chamaecyparis pisifera (7/11)
Paliurus spina-christi
Paliurus spina-christi (7/11)
Nyssa sylvatica
Nyssa sylvatica (7/11)
Salix myrsinifolia
Salix myrsinifolia (7/11)
Pterocarya rhoifolia
Pterocarya rhoifolia (7/12)
Satureja montana
Satureja montana (7/12)
Trachycarpus fortunei
Trachycarpus fortunei (7/12)
Brahea armata
Brahea armata (7/12)
Laurus nobilis
Laurus nobilis (7/12)
Laurus nobilis
Laurus nobilis (7/12)
Trifolium medium
Trifolium medium (7/12)
Ambrosia trifida
Ambrosia trifida (7/12)
Consolida ajacis
Consolida ajacis (7/12)
Cornus quinquenervis
Cornus quinquenervis (7/13)
Cornus sanguinea
Cornus sanguinea (7/13)
Euonymus alatus
Euonymus alatus (7/13)
Euonymus alatus
Euonymus alatus (7/14)
Malva alcea
Malva alcea (7/14)
Solanum dulcamara
Solanum dulcamara (7/14)
Achillea millefolium
Achillea millefolium (7/14)
Platanus orientalis
Platanus orientalis (7/15)
Corylus avellana
Corylus avellana (7/15)
Pimpinella major
Pimpinella major (7/15)
Fragaria vesca
Fragaria vesca (7/16)
Rubus hirtus
Rubus hirtus (7/16)
Angelica sylvestris
Angelica sylvestris (7/16)
Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Cercidiphyllum japonicum (7/16)
Cercidiphyllum magnificum
Cercidiphyllum magnificum (7/16)
Thymus citriodorus
Thymus citriodorus (7/16)
Lonicera nitida
Lonicera nitida (7/16)
Castanea sativa
Castanea sativa (7/16)
Actinidia kolomikta
Actinidia kolomikta (7/17)
Cissus javana
Cissus javana (7/17)
Kalopanax pictus
Kalopanax pictus (7/17)
Actinidia kolomikta
Actinidia kolomikta (7/18)
Salvia glutinosa
Salvia glutinosa (7/18)
Senecio vulgaris
Senecio vulgaris (6/9)
Sedum sieboldii
Sedum sieboldii (6/9)
Pinus halepensis
Pinus halepensis (6/9)
Pinus pinea
Pinus pinea (6/9)
Aconitum variegatum
Aconitum variegatum (6/9)
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosmarinus officinalis (6/9)
Pinus sylvestris
Pinus sylvestris (6/10)
Spiraea japonica
Spiraea japonica (6/10)
Washingtonia filifera
Washingtonia filifera (6/10)
Abies concolor
Abies concolor (6/10)
Abies veitchii
Abies veitchii (6/10)
Chamaecytisus hirsutus
Chamaecytisus hirsutus (6/10)
Geranium sanguineum
Geranium sanguineum (6/11)
Chamaerops humilis
Chamaerops humilis (6/11)
Ranunculus ficaria
Ranunculus ficaria (6/11)
Butia capitata
Butia capitata (6/11)
Salix appendiculata
Salix appendiculata (6/11)
Perilla frutescens
Perilla frutescens (6/11)
Carpinus betulus
Carpinus betulus (6/12)
Araucaria araucana
Araucaria araucana (6/12)
Lotus corniculatus
Lotus corniculatus (6/12)
Filipendula vulgaris
Filipendula vulgaris (6/12)
Hepatica nobilis
Hepatica nobilis (6/12)
Pteridium aquilinum
Pteridium aquilinum (6/12)
Vaccinium vitis idaea
Vaccinium vitis idaea (6/12)
Hepatica nobilis
Hepatica nobilis (6/12)
Hypericum moserianum
Hypericum moserianum (6/12)
Hepatica nobilis
Hepatica nobilis (6/12)
Vinca major
Vinca major (6/12)
Araucaria heterophylla
Araucaria heterophylla (6/12)
Carpinus orientalis
Carpinus orientalis (6/13)
Fallopia japonica
Fallopia japonica (6/13)
Thujopsis dolabrata
Thujopsis dolabrata (6/13)
Ostrya carpinifolia
Ostrya carpinifolia (6/13)
Ficus lyrata
Ficus lyrata (6/13)
Ficus elastica
Ficus elastica (6/13)
X fatshedera lizei
X fatshedera lizei (6/13)
Abies koreana
Abies koreana (6/13)
Actinidia delicosa
Actinidia delicosa (6/14)
Hedera helix
Hedera helix (6/14)
Ranunculus (6/14)
Pogostemon stellatus
Pogostemon stellatus (6/15)
Corylus maxima
Corylus maxima (6/15)
Plectranthus glabratus
Plectranthus glabratus (6/15)
Actinidia arguta
Actinidia arguta (6/15)
Prunus laurocerasus
Prunus laurocerasus (6/15)
Plectranthus glabratus
Plectranthus glabratus (6/15)
Stachys byzantina
Stachys byzantina (6/16)
Schefflera actinophylla
Schefflera actinophylla (6/16)
Ampelopsis aconitifolia
Ampelopsis aconitifolia (6/17)
Fatsia japonica
Fatsia japonica (6/17)
Schefflera elegantissima
Schefflera elegantissima (6/17)
Carum carvi
Carum carvi (6/18)
Yucca aloifolia
Yucca aloifolia (6/18)
Yucca elephantipes
Yucca elephantipes (6/19)
Solidago virgaurea
Solidago virgaurea (5/6)
Buphthalmum salicifolium
Buphthalmum salicifolium (5/6)
Cystopteris montana
Cystopteris montana (5/7)
Lycopus europaeus
Lycopus europaeus (5/8)
Verbena officinalis
Verbena officinalis (5/8)
Hottonia palustris
Hottonia palustris (5/8)
Artemisia caerulescens
Artemisia caerulescens (5/8)
Asplenium septentrionale
Asplenium septentrionale (5/8)
Ranunculus platanifolius
Ranunculus platanifolius (5/8)
Serratula tinctoria
Serratula tinctoria (5/8)
Livistona chinensis
Livistona chinensis (5/8)
Chrysosplenium alternifolium
Chrysosplenium alternifolium (5/9)
Sagittaria sagittifolia
Sagittaria sagittifolia (5/9)
Caryota urens
Caryota urens (5/9)
Potamogeton crispus
Potamogeton crispus (5/9)
Saxifraga cuneifolia
Saxifraga cuneifolia (5/9)
Saxifraga hostii
Saxifraga hostii (5/9)
Strelitzia nicolai
Strelitzia nicolai (5/9)
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