- Medicago lupulina

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Photo:©2018 Cvenkel Miran
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Medicago lupulina...Thesaurus 
dim: 4.00/0.00 mm 
Black medick
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Medicago lupulina Luzerne lupuline willdenowii glandulosa wildenowii eurasiatica cupaniana appenina Hopfen schneckenklee Hmeljna meteljka Svinjska reja resa Osenica Medick black Trefoil yellow medic Clover hop Dunjica Hmeljasta vija lucerka Lucerna луцерна вија klee Gelbklee Hopfenklee Erba medica Lupolina trifoglina Trefle jaune petit houblonne Minette dorée Kometsubuumagoyashi Hualputra Amillo Tolice dětelová ďatelinová فصة سوداء Humle luzern Humlelusern Humleluzern Nurmimailanen Mielga negra negro Apyninė liucerna rupsklaver Hopklaver nerkowata Luzerna preta
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Map of temp. hardines
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Slovenia Ljubno   07.08.2009 miran    
Slovenia Oplotnica   kvadrant9658/2 22.05.2011 miran    
Slovenia Pliskovica   kvadrant10248/2 16.06.2007 miran    
Slovenia Dokležovje   kvadrant 9463/1 08.08.2003 miran    
Slovenia Gančani   kvadrant 9363/4 03.06.2004 miran    
Slovenia Rakičan   kvadrant 9363/3 23.06.2005 miran    
Slovenia Odranci   kvadrant 9463/2 22.08.2004 miran    
Slovenia bloška planota   0252/2 15.07.2008 miran    
Slovenia bloška planota   0253/1 15.07.2008 miran    
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Latin Gonioctena fornicata
Latin Ditylenchus dipsaci null    
Latin Agromyza frontella miran    
Latin Hypera meles
Latin Sitona hispidulus miran    
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